Pellucid 1 - New Magnet Implant for sale



  • So I'll be updating you guys tomorrow and shipping by Friday. I can do a few more. I'll be sending pms to those who contacted me.

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    Awesome! I am a bit late to the party, I was still on the old thread, but would like to get in on this if possible!

    EDIT: Also where are you located? I would be interested in having you do the procedure.

  • Please put me on the list for the next round, too!

  • Sorry. Haven't shipped yet. I came up with a new way to process these and do in redoing the entire batch. I should be able to ship by Monday or Tuesday.

  • Ok, so I have the first batch complete to my satisfaction; however, I'm not sending them quite yet. I invested the money from this batch into new supplies and equipment and I'm convinced I can make these even better. It won't take long.. but I have to test them after I make them which takes about a week.
    So, if you don't want to wait any longer I totally understand. Send me a PM saying to send them now and I will. Otherwise, I'm going to try out the new method and send you which ever one ends up being better.

    Ok, so what being improved? Because of the mold system I'm currently using I do it in two steps. As a result I nearly always seem to end up with a weird bubble looking spot on one side. It's tiny and I sanded down to it.. turns out it's resin not air. I guess just a change in density making an optical blemish. But.. I don't like it. Most biocompatible coating allow for a certain amount of fluid to flow through. Silicone is notorious for this. It generally not an issue unless you have an air bubble. An air bubble fills with fluid and can be the area where breakdown begins. Once again, the little blip appears to only be where the two layers of resin meet but it begs the questions what if there is an air bubble? How can I differentiate? That's my main issue.. really it's mostly that it's aesthetically unpleasant to me.
    Something people are more likely to care about though is size. I've gotten the total circumference down to a little more then 3.5mm.. but I think I can do better. The thinner we can get these coatings the better as long as it's still thick enough for the resin to act as a resilient barrier.
    This is mostly just me being a perfectionist. I've implanted nearly 20 of the first version already without any issue.. but for something like this I think it's good to be a perfectionist.

    So the short if it is.. if you want it right away they're ready but if you wait just a little bit longer you might get something superior.

  • Oh, and I'm going to wake up early and respond to the miriad pm's and emails I have. I promise I'm not just disapearing with your money. Too many of you know where I live.

  • I'm definitely late, but can I get in on the next round? I'm also interested in having you install it, are you anywhere near New England?

  • Can't wait. Looking forward to the finished magnets. Now I just need someone who can implant it in Switzerland

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    No worries. Take as long as you need, I'm more than happy to wait a little longer for a better end result.

  • Really looking forward to the end result, there's no rush so take your time.

  • Hey. I've sent updates to people. I'll be shipping on the 12th. If you haven't ordered one and would still like to, please PM me today.

  • PM'ed you!
    Sorry it's so late but it looks like i might be just in time

  • New guy here. Sadly I wont be able to get in on this batch, but I eagerly await the next one. Love the double coating, TiN + bioresin should make for a really strong and lasting coating. I'll be following your progress. Excellent job so far.
    Man, if I wasn't in the process of moving into a bigger place and such, I'd sooo be on this.

  • I'm super glad I waited until I could trial the third method. These are beautiful. I'll be shipping Thursday.

  • @Cassox Will these come pre-sterilized? If so, how did you do it? If not, what method do you recommend for this bioresin coating so as not to degrade it?

  • Yeah. They'll be shipped in a vial of sterile saline.

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    For curiosity's sake, what method did you use to sterilize them before packing in saline?

    Also just in case they are dropped or something before implantation, I'm wondering what methods are safe to use for bioresin.

  • Bleach or formaldehyde both work for resin, but if you do make sure to get detector strips. You can't leave even the tiniest bit of residual. I'm using bleach and then after secondary processing uv laser. The test strips show no residual formaldehyde but I still feel like it's too sketchy. Remember that nearly all resins have some degree of permiability.. if there's any bleach left in the resin rejection is pretty much inevitable. This is specific to resins too. Bleach will destroy TiN in minutes.

  • Ideally, these things should be made in a clean room. I'm just getting things together to make mine. So in the future it's going to be a little different. Eo gas would be ideal but it's a bit too pricey at this point.

  • Uv laser is a cool method but can't be your primary because it doesn't look spores. Same with chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine is ok for a lot of stuff but it's just not a sterilant.

  • Thanks for the info.

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    @Cassox if it's not too late I would like to order one of this batch! If I am too late, I would like to be put on the list for the next batch please! I have a long history with implants. I had three silicone bead implants for just over 10 years, so I am very familiar with care. Thanks!

  • Shipping today. Look for a PM/Email with your tracking number by tommorow.

  • Hey @Cassox , if there were any remaining on current batch or another run coming up, I’d be interested. Saw earlier in post and happy to provide feedback. Ty

  • @Cassox why dont you upload a photo of those magnets

  • Yeah. I keep meaning to. I'll do it today.

  • Ok, so here are a few pics of the new magnet. It's working name is the "Pellucid vs. 1."
    I'd love to embed some images here, but I no longer see the option to do this.
    Anyhow, all orders which I received money from have shipped (This isn't the case for you Kurt, but we've already talked about it).

    So, I'm working now on a second batch and before anyone makes any orders I want to talk about the difference from Ver. 1. A little over 6 months ago, I implanted a number of differently coated magnets in a group of volunteers. These have all healed without issue. I removed one the units which was coated in the same type of resin being used in the Pellucid Implants. There was no degradation or signs of a cellular reaction like encapsulation. The only less then optimal thing that happened was that when I was gripping the magnet with a tool (I was squeezing the shit out of it so I was expecting it to fail) the magnet squeezed out of the coating. What this means is that the coating isn't adhering to the magnet itself, or at the very least not very strongly. I believe that we can get even better structural integrity if we can make a better bond. I'm going to be adding a type of adhesion promoter that's used in biomedical coatings prior to coating this next version.
    This is a very minor change and I don't expect any noticeable difference but I think it's important to be totally upfront. Remember, this is all still beta-testing and by getting one you're agreeing to send a weekly healing picture.

    That said, I'm starting the list for the Ver. 2 now. If you haven't talked to me yet via pm please do and we'll get it all arranged. Thanks.

  • ^^ Watching this eagerly. Between the firefly and recovering, not in a position to prototype these. But kinda want to. ;_;

    Money too. X_x

  • I havent implanted mine yet but it looks very nice. The resin is crystal clear and you can see a nice shiny coat of TiN beneath. Looks like the coating mold didnt cause any sharp edges either. It reminds me of a Haworth magnet with a thinner coating. I have a Haworth implanted already so when I get around to implanting it I'll give comparisons.

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