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Ok, so the the last batch of magnets were a resounding success. It's been about 5 months now without a single problem for all recipients.
I'm moving to the next phase of testing.
These units currently consist of neodymium iron boron magnets coated in first titanium nitride and then with a biocompatible resin. This resin is applied via a mold which eliminates the need for polishing. The final dimension is 3.25mm diameter and 1.3 to 1.5mm depth. It produces a field comparable to the m31. Turn around time is 2 weeks plus shipping time. If you're near my lab I will perform the implant for you. This is technically still beta testing but these magnets work really well. If you're interested, the cost is 50$ which will fund the production of the next batch and the testing protocols. I'm going to limit this to a total of ten magnets and orders must be placed before the first. Thanks!



  • On a side note, this is the magnet design that more then likely will be replacing the m31.

  • I am very interested and happy to maintain contact and report back changes/rejection/success. I would be a first-time implanter though and located in Australia, unsure of shipping restrictions?

  • Ok. The initial test group has been doing weekly pics. For this run, I just want one per week for the first three weeks. Then one at the 3 month, six month, and one year mark. The fifty is for the magnet alone. Well have to look up shopping costs. I've shipped to Australia without problem many times.

  • Hi, I too, am interested in purchasing one, shipped to New Zealand, I have no issue with keeping in contact/sending photos throughout the healing process. PM me with cost including shipping and I'll get back to you.

  • I'm very interested in this implant would be happy to keep you updated with pics. I am located in SoCal and if I'm near your lab I would love to have you implant it. PM me with how you'd like to proceed. Thanks!

  • Hi, I've been looking to get my hands on a magnet implant for ages and would be interested in getting one off you if shipping to Sweden isn't an issue.

  • If you are happy to ship to New Zealand I would be keen for two. Its pretty exciting that these are working out for people so far.

  • Really interested, but I'm not sure I can get someone to implant it... Not quite as easy as an RFID.

  • I'm very interested, would be able to get it implanted and keep you updated with pictures easily

  • Hello. Ok, sorry I haven't been on in a few days. So, before I process anyone's money or anything I want to give a few more details. The base magnet is an N52; however, the dimensions are not the same as the M31. These are going to be a little bit larger because of the new coating type. I was testing the performance (i.e. field strength) and these are still performing better then a Haworth magnet. The reason is that the coating across the depth isn't terribly thick. It's around 0.25 to 0.5mm. Of course relative to a micron level coating it's huge.. but it's still pretty good. The area where the coating is thickest is across the diameter. There's basically a ring of resin surrounding the magnet. It's perhaps 0.75mm to 1mm.
    My biggest priority has been getting the mold system to work out so that I could eliminate any grinding or polishing. I've done this. These new models are very consistent in size.. exacting dimensions and a nearly optical level of clarity. Once I recieve funding, one of the things I'm going to do is make a new smaller mold system. So we may be able to get a smaller diameter. The thing is, part of how a magnet implant works is related to the area which it depresses. The reason I haven't played with thin but larger diameter magnets is entirely related to the brittleness of neodymium Iron Boron. The last thing you want is for it to crack in half. The strength of the resin however lets us have this larger diameter while remaining thin.

    To summarize, the total strength relative to the total size of the magnet is lower then an M31; however, how this will affect the "sensation" effect is still undetermined.

    So, I'm going to start contacting people who are interested directly. I've gotten a ton of email requests, so we might actually be past the ten magnets limit.

  • Extremely interested in getting hold of one of these, in Australia too, any requirements for who implants it (do I need to find someone properly trained to do it, mainly.) I can't do it myself (self preservation instinct is too strong) but my partner has assisted in the past with implantation.

  • Hello. Ok, so this initial batch of magnets should be completed by 9/15 and shipped during the next week. If you're intending to come up to the lab on that weekend for the get together please let me know. If you'd like to get on the list for the following batch leave a message here.

  • leaving a message here

  • Please sign me up for the next batch also :)

  • Definitely sign me up please

  • Not sure if it's too late, I would like to be part of this. If not this batch then maybe the next one.

  • I would love to be added to the list for an upcoming batch. Thanks, and I look forward to it!

  • Hey Cassox, it too late for me to be added to the list for one, maybe two? (depending on when the next batch is planned)

  • Ok, quick update. I've produced the first half of batch one. They are beautiful. I'll try upload a pic later although my microscope cam is on the fritz. The material when used with a mold comes out optically clear like glass and I've eliminated any need for polishing. I have a new mold device on the way which will allow for an even thinner coating. So basically, these things are already great and hopefully once supplies come in they'll be even better.

    One thing I don't know yet is how this stuff interacts with tissue. I'm having a meetup on the 16th and I'll be taking out a number for post-analysis that have been in for around 6 months. Some materials like parylene bond to tissue; others don't. We'll see. I'm also curious if bonding affects the performance of the magnet.

  • Beautiful. ^^

    On steroids and antibiotics for a C. Diff. Infection currently, and trying to recover from an ulcerative colitis flare... Not exactly ideal timing. ;_;

    Any word on destructive testing of the new resin? Like, assuming more sturdy than Au, but can it take impact shock, pressure? And do we have a chemical solution to fault test with? Poking questions because kinda useless otherwise. >3<

    Also, any desire to get these down to m31 dimensions, assuming the new thinner mould system is effective? I can imagine that ultimately it's going to be taking up space... But maybe if we got our hands on n55 it could compete with the m31, even with a resin shell? Brainstorming.

    May do math later to put forth theoretical numbers, is it possible to get exacting dimensions on everything? :D

  • The way a manufacturer explained it to me is that when you order an N52, you're often going to get an N55. The reason they aren't sold as such is there's always a bunch of variability. So basically it could be as low as N52 or it could be better. I don't know if it's true. But the guys point was that they can guarantee N52 or better but they couldn't guarantee N55.

  • Ah, that's disappointing...

  • @ Cassox is it still possible to be singed up for the next batch? Thanks

  • @Cassox if it's possible I'd like to volunteer to be a tester!

  • Excellent. The new molds are working really well. I've eliminated the size issue. These things are beautiful. I know. I know. Pics or it's bullshit right? Tommorow.

  • @Cassox I'd love to get my hands on one of these upcoming magnets.
    Please sign me up!

  • @Cassox I'd like to sign up to be a tester as well!

  • @cassox I would like to buy one as well, please.

  • Hi Cassox: I am interested in participating in the next round. Please put me down for one. If I fly into LA is there any way I could meet you to have a proper implantation? I am glad you have solved some of the technical concerns with other TIN magnets by utilizing the molds.

  • Interested in one of these as well when they come up again, was just thinking about getting another magnet so this would be great.

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