Any possibility of a mobile app?

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I've been a silent member of the community for a while. I just love reading about everyone's work and updates. I even had two m31's and an nfc chip implanted from dangerousthings.

I've been a "silent" member because I use my phone for everything and the forums are not mobile friendly at all. I was hoping the new site would correct it but it's even worse now.

Basically I am completely unable to write anything on the site. If I tap on the text entry field it just instantly closes my keyboard. If I go into landscape mode I can sometimes get it to let me type but if anything happens to the screen it clears everything I've written. Even to write this out I have to write the message in another text field and then copy and paste it over.

I just wanted to ask if there is anyone working on a mobile version of the forums or, what would be really awesome, an app we could download. Even if someone just made it compatible with tapatalk it would be a huge improvement XD.

Thanks for your time! 


  • We have been working on migrating to a new forum system for a while, but since we are changing many things at the same time and there are a lot of people involved scheduling when to actually get shit done has been unpredictable.
  • I work as a full stack web dev with a little bit of qa background for my day job. I don't have much in the way of spare bandwidth right now but in the future I might be able to help out sometime if more hands or eyes would in any way help:) It sounds like its more a coordination issue than an 'enough people' issue but I thought I'd throw that out there anyways. 

  • Mostly cause I get irritated by the text box thing too XD I spend like five hours a day commuting by bus because I live stupidly far from my job and using up my mobile data on low-bandwidth stuff like forums is like a sizeable chunk of my day...
  • We have a couple of programmers who don't feel comfortable hardening a high profile system, and a sysadmin who is having a lot of life going on in their life right now :)
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