How good is gold? [CLOSED]

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A few months back I went to my local tattoo shop and asked about getting a N52 implanted, the guy there said that he wouldn't implant my gold coated N52 without knowing with carrot it was. Of course gold being quite soft, the more pure gold has a tendancy to scrape away. What I want to know is since not many gold Plated N52 providers tell you what carrot it is, has anyone brought gold magnets, and did they end up getting rejected? Also, since a lot of the gold coated N52 magnets I've found are for jewellery and don't tell you what carrot it is, should it be safe to assume it's not particularly pure gold, since if it was, it would be a selling point for their target market, not something to hide?

And, would a 1.5mm Dia. x 0.75mm N52 be fine?


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    My own honest two cents; gold "works".

    You most likely are not going to find an exact purity of gold, because 99% of the time being they are not made to be implanted into human bodies... This is a hundred magnets you buy for twenty bucks quality... >~<

    Even if you had a perfectly coated Au magnet, gold by itself is extremely malleable and fragile. And any imperfection in its surface will cause a rejection. If it is ever dropped, scratched, or damaged during implantation. Or in Vito. C_c

    I myself would not suggest somebody using Au alone. It's like suggesting someone... Uses a bungee cord as a seatbelt? It will do the minimum in terms of restraint... You hit the nail on the head, Au is fragile. >~<
  • Ok, cheers!
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