Personal mass production of graphene

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One of the best material for implants , graphene , has always been very hard to make and work with , now there is a patent for the cheap mass production of it.  
The technicality of it escaped me, but I was wondering if someone with chemical background, could work on a way to produced them for personal use in the US that is not patent infringement.  
And it could also been a good business operation.  I was wondering how much it could cost and how much it could produce and be workable with. 


  • Um... no. Graphene is super easy to make and always has been. Off the top of my head the two easiest ways are with a sonic bath and with electrolysis. And neither of those require working with a mixture of oxidizing agents and explosives. Graphene oxide is slightly harder, but even then isn't that difficult. This patent is stupid. Entertaining, but stupid.
  • Really ? as far as I see around the graphene was problematic and expensive to produce over few milligrams. This method should give out grams of the matter. 

    If you give a look at : 2. Description of the Prior Art , there are multiple other methodology but they all fall shot of size produced and of quality. This other system seam immune to them . 

    Are you sure you can discharge it as stupid ?  Are you sure there are other method to produce up to a full kilogram ? 
  • Yes. I don't have an exact number, but if you combine the ultrasonic bath method and a method described by robert murray smith in this video(LINK), or this video(LINK), or this video(LINK), or this video(LINK), you're going to get a product that's of fairly high purity. And the bonus is that you can keep on processing the leftovers until you get ~100% yield. And you can process as large a quantity as you like, if I understand the process correctly. 

    The main thing that set that patent apart from these methods is the accessibility of the equipment to perform them. I personally tend to shy away from anything involving detonations. Also, you have to have a pressure vessel that you can extract an aerosol from. Basically, it seems like they're just pumping in acetylene or something similar, and oxygen, then heating it, and eventually lighting it on fire. Graphene is leftover. Not a bad idea, but... Dangerous for the average DIYer. 
  • What would be the better method for a DIYer to make mass amounts of graphene though in terms of equipment / cheapness / accessibility / etc?
  • cheapest method is electrolysis of graphite foil in ferrous sulfate solution. I can make several grams per day quite easily with any of the methods mentioned above
  • You can also use a blender, but it won't necessarily all be single-layer graphene. Now that we're talking about it, I almost want to test the efficiency/yield of each method and put an actual number to it.
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