Nerve Enhancement?

There was a thread a while back, maybe a year or so, about a nerve enhancement drug of some sort. A couple of you were experimenting with it to see if it could increase the sensitivity of magnet implants. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?


  • That was me. You're thinking of ngf.. Nerve growth factor. It worked well. Very sensitized area. If you do it, we should look for a way to quantify this.
  • doing a magnet implant in the next week or so, can you provide information on sources and administration?
  • Sure. PM me.
  • Is this ... ngf drug (is that what im understanding) something that would be able to be made/aquired at home? id be interested in this too
  • Most definitely not, unless you're packing some serious capital.
  • Apparently ngf is an enzyme (or something like that, i forget the name exactly sorry :p) found in only 2 animals known to man, both fish, and when you injected it it burns like a mofo for over a week. In the end, It ends up stimulating your body to grow more nerves in the affected area (i dont know why) which is permanent as far as we know. Sorry if i ballsed up your explanation Cassox. I just got home from having my first implant, a magnet, procedure done by him and he explained it well, but i was really interested in my numb af finger aswell heh
  • oh thats really interesting. too bad its not something that would work on us though at home

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    Thing 1, not an enzyme, it's a neuropeptide, which is to say a smallish protein involved in neuron chemistry and function. Thing 2 It's involved in dozens of pathways in most, if not all animals. This does include things like platypus, humans, and bears, non of which are fish. It can be extracted from all sorts of things, including but not limited to pig brains (which are also not fish). There's also lions mane mushrooms which produces something that enduces NGF production. I realized that a really convienant source for NGF may be a drug called cerebrolysin which is a mixture of neuropeptides extracted from pig brains. Might be something to consider. Im sure @cassox can hop in here and clear up any remaining confusion
  • Yeah. The only thing else I have to say is that what I trialed was actually a little different from NGF, but it's a related peptide. BDNF is brain derived neurotrophic factor. It's a little more specific to nervous tissue.
  • Any more info on what you trialed and how it went, @cassox? Is there an old thread you could link me to? 
  • Here's the original thread LINK
  • I'd also made a thread about SEMAX (another nueropeptide) since it's said to release NGF and is a derivative of cerebrosylin.
  • Did @cassox ever get around to retrying the experiment? If so, has it been successfully reproduced?
  • I'm interested in knowing too
  • There's a lion's mane coffee I've been trying lately that seems to be pretty good for anxiety, so far.
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