Thoughts on Nickel coatings? <SOLVED>

I'm about to purchase a nickel N52 magnet after 2 years of searching (for preferably a parylene or gold coating) so as of right now I'm just desperate to order it, however I haven't much researched Nickel coatings for implants. So my question is, are they good, and is they any general information/ tips that I should now about them?


  • Nickel is bad news. For real, stay away from them at all costs. You don't want that inside of you.
  • @ChrisBot is right, nickel is carcinogenic.  Implant studies show that nickel more frequently develops a sarcoma surrounding the implant.
  • I would REALLY suggest doing a lot more research before taking any further action; You just threw a major major red flag. ^^'
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    Guys, i have a question:

    So i recently implanted myself gold plated magnet and what if gold coating fails and i get exposed to nicel? would pus start getting formed (so quick unimplantation and all problems solved) or sarcoma  would start forming (i guess sympom of that would be massive puffing up of a finger) or what?
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    @ChrisBot @misslitty @Zerbula Yeah, I've ordered a Gold plated 3x1mm N52 magnet... And of course, big thanks to all of you!

    @Zerbula, Honestly, this was just a lazy question. I was scowering all the coatings on the KJMagnets and researching them, leaving the nickel coating to last (I had an idea nickel coating was bad) so I was just being a bit lazy when I got to it!

  • @xepicxmonkeyx , Are you going to be giving it a second coating of rhodium or some other shell around the Au? ^^'

    Au by itself is somewhat recommended against. Not that it will not work, but it's as thin over the threshold of bioproof as literally a few microns of gold.

    @SomeRandomGuy The body will treat the Ni as a foreign body and attempt to envelop it in pus to contain the foreign body, while trying to grow it and force it from your body.

    If you feel pain, swelling, have pus... These MAY be signs of rejection, in most cases some swelling, some pain, some redness are expected. Pus isn't unheard of, make sure its clear or white... If it's red, black, green, Etc, that is a huge red flag. D:>

    Au is easy to fail compared to many other coatings. It's very soft and malleable, but if it's in there and it isn't compromised, do us a favor and see how long it lasts, if not indefinitely. ^^

    Pictures help. so does more detail. But at the end of the day, if you have symptoms of rejection (pain, swelling, redness, 'dirty' pus), IMMEDIATELY remove the magnet and all debris, and keep it clean to heal.
  • @Zerbula, Unlikely! Of course if it is rejected, I'll take it out and apply another coating of some sort. But I'm hoping I can get away with not re-coating it!
  • @xepicxmonkeyx Just be aware that a single Au coating over the standard Ni-Cu-Ni coating layers, while biocompatible, is extremely fragile. Be very aware when sterilizing and handling the magnet at ANY time, especially during the implanting procedure.

    Do very thorough testing on the magnet, push it to fail. Subject it to aggressive salty water and soapy water testing, very closely examine it under magnification. Do anything and everything reasonable to make sure it's going to be safe. If it fails during controlled testing, imagine what your body's natural defenses will do to try to protect you from contamination. ><

    During the actual procedure is when it seems most likely the magnet to be damaged; While being inserted or sutured, by nature, it is easy for a needle, a tong, a scalpel, or whatever else that is metal to damage the surface. The fact that it is magnetic, and may try to stick to or attract tools or debris that can cause damage to the coating is also another complication. Au is extremely soft, be very aware of this whenever handling the magnet! D:>

    I would not suggest implanting a raw Au magnet by itself,  but this is just my own suggestion from my observations. If you choose to proceed, I wish you the best of luck,and please record information so it may help others and new things may be learned.  ^^
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    @Zerbula Cheers for the advice, I was aware of the Au scraping against the tools, so I've planned to do it by hand then use a folded piece of paper to push it in even further. One question though, how badly is the isopropyl I'm using, for sterilisation, likely to damage the Au?

    And I'll definitely try to upload the entire odyssey!
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    Polypropyl? I'm not familiar by what you're referring to. Isopropyl Alcohol, yes. But not Polypropyl anything. ><

    Also, use sterilized paper, or make sure whatever you use is COMPLETELY clean!! D:> Microscopically, it has fine serrations and is very porous, and could introduce debris or dirt easily! 

    Just trying to help. >3<
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    Yeah isopropyl, corrected!

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    To the best of my Knowledge, Iso shouldn't cause any damage to any reasonable coatings...Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please!... But for sterilising the magnet, if you can acquire some Chlorhexidine Gluconate (usually comes in 4% concentration), and use it in combination with the Isopropyl alcohol, it will help do a good amount more. :3

    Chlorhexidine kills things that Isopropyl will not. It is worth using. Remember, if you do use it, it needs time to do it's thing... At least a half hour of exposure...

    If the Isopropyl and Chlorhexidine can be mixed... I do not know how to, or in what ratio. But I'm sure it is somewhere along the line. ^^

    But leave it sitting in Iso for a long time, It's a good way to store it, regardless. ^^
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    That's good to hear, was gonna go to the pharmacy today so I'll see about the Chlorhexidine gluconate. Cheers!
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    Also, in order to numb my finger as much as possible I was planning to freeze a solution of salt water. Salt water allows the water to reach much lower temperatures without freezing, and when it does freeze, it stays frozen for a lot longer. Would this solution be at all hazardous? Of course assuming the salt isn't the leftovers from a chippy.
  • P.S. Sorry for the multitude of question, just trying to assure I don't fuck up as the dreaded day approaches!
  • Zerbula  Thanks!!

    xepicxmonkeyx  Since i did magnet implantation precedure ill give ill give you few notes: 
    To numb finger i used normal ice with salt (aka, i did salt and ice challange) and another time i used sleep medication, what i would suggest is: making ice from alcohol and water mixture.  From my experience numbing finger with ice isint effective as  pain managment measure but it is better then nothing.
    Another MUST HAVE thing is basic rubber band to stop bleeding, trust me, it will make your life alot easyer, possibly even numbs your finger abit more but im not sure

    If you are intrested in my adventures read this
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    @SomeRandomGuy Yeah, I did come along that challenge. It's where the ice absorbs heat to dissolve the salt! I was thinking about doing that, but surely it must be a bit tendious doing it on the tip of your finger? Also, what's your thoughts on getting piss drunk before the procedure? I've got to be accurate with the incisions but I really don't like the prospect of such pain!
  • @xepicxmonkeyx Drinking before, tempting as it is, isn't a great idea.  Alcohol is a blood thinner
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    @misslitty Ah, that won't be good then! :(
  • anyway, your probobly best bet would be freezing alchohol and water mixture into icecubes and in addition to that taking some type of drug like ibuprofen. Last time i used sleep medication, it worked! BUT i dont think that it is a good idea UNLESS som1 else is implanting it for you
  • So how about lidocaine?
  • @SomeRandomGuy, I've just made the Isopropyl+Water ice cubes waiting for the spectators to arrive now.

    @Meanderpaul, I was going to get something like that, but I cannot find anywhere that sells it... Pharmacies etc, etc... especially in my area!
  • @xepicxmonkeyx Have you had a look on amazon for any topical lidocaine? It comes in gels and sprays and typically runs from $20-$40 as far as I can see.
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    ...Well, That was a botch! I really fucked that surgery. Two incisions (somehow), One got subdermal the other barely a graze. Both were too thin, and only was it when the ice started to were off did realize I needed to stretch the fucker open!

    @TheGreyKnight, @Meanderpaul, I just ordered some numbing cream! Can't remember the name of the stuff though.
  • @TheGreyKnight, I ordered EMLA cream which is 2.5% Lidocaine and 2.5% Prilocaine!
  • Ugh, nickel sucks. I never had a problem with it until I got my old tattoo. Despite being a reputable shop that won awards, I wound up with an artist who made his own old school black ink that contained nickel. He assured me it was safe since I wasn't allergic and I was too clueless to question it.

    That's one reason that, though I'm really wanting a magnet, I am wary about coatings. I want a magnet coating that can stand up to a lot of abuse.
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