Sounds a lot more dangerous than it is?

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I mean I've seen, read, watched people implant magnets into their fingers. But as I am new to this community (Hi by the way) and grinding, I decided to read this wiki that is aforementioned in other posts, getting into it I realised that it seems MUCH more complicated than I thought it would be. I would love to hear some tips and tricks for going about this for the first time. 


  • I'd suggest watching the overwhelming multitude of videos that have been put out showing how the procedure works, or reading some of the blogs. It's actually fairly straightforward. You're biggest things to learn are sterile technique, how to handle the anesthetic (and yes, you need it. I've seen enough people try and skip it then get overwhelmed by the pain and have to stop. It's not that hard to find and worth your time) and positioning of the incision so you don't mess up your nerves or other tissues. 
  • I was thinking of just ice for the anesthetic. I've done small incisions before to remove foreign objects using just ice and pure alcohol. It's just the positioning that seems like a pain to find.
  • Sounds more dangerous than it is....that's your you say screw it to procedure and sterilization and anesthetics.... are we using a steak knife too? Perhaps a box cutter?

    It becomes dangerous when you ignore the things you should be doing to minimize the risk.

  • Removing foreign objects, and placing foreign objects inside of you are 2 totally different matters. As far as sterilization goes, alcohol won't cut it, because the magnet, which will stay inside you for awhile, is going to be contaminated at least partially by the tissue around the opening of your incision. What ever contaminates it will have a nice closed environment to grow, where the body has to directly combat it with white blood cells and such, rather than moving it from the inside to the outside via blood flowing out/scabs falling off.

    If you use ice, you're a braver individual than I am. It's far cheaper than using lidocaine, for sure. But the results probably won't be as nice if you're working on yourself.
  • Paul, I was only saying "screw it" to the anesthetics because ice does all I need. I posted because this is my first time doing anything like this. 
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    @Medede: Trouble is, the pain can be a distractor and the last thing you want in a surgical procedure is to be distracted and made a mistake (esp when manipulating the scalpel and extending the wound etc).

    Now, I wouldn't say "don't do this" because different people have different pain thresholds. Only you will know whether the pain would become too much. Just don't get macho and underestimate the effect of pain on the operation.
  • @TheGreyKnight I get that removing and placing foreign objects are different, but by sterilization I mean I am going to clean the magnet thoroughly and then implant it. Ideally after it's in (since I'm a DIYer) I plan on using bacitracin zinc after I clean the wound with more alcohol and then finally gauze it.

    @IvoTheSquire I understand how pain can be a distractor but I have done very similar operations with just a scalpel and some ice. If I cannot take it I'll just stop, there's no point in doing it if you know it isn't worth it and then get it done by a professional.
  • Your body is going to get jacked up the moment you start no matter what you use. Unless you have implant many time where you need precision use the lidocaine or at least something topical.

    Your either going to be lucky and be a good stat for the records or a bad stat and from what I've seen your working on the bad stat. Do yourself a favor and not rush and do it right.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think I'm rushing anything. I've been researching while my magnets come in (maybe 3 weeks) and learning serialization techniques. I appreciate the suggestions and your opinions on the matter and I hope to be ready for when my magnets arrive. 
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