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Ive just got my first mod October 20th (2016 for anyone looking at this at a alter date). A magnet that i was admittedly going to put in the finger tip but after discussion with the professional doing it (Sammpa Von Cyborg), he recommended the meat of the hand where there is more soft tissue to prevent it from shattering from impacts that would cause one in the fingertip to break. Im very happy with the implant and am able to feel moderately strong fields already. (For anyone reading this who does not have one a microwave @ about 30 cm provides enough sensation its unmistakable but still faint). I had frequently looked at this forum before i was a member and had a great interest in it. I was very worried about doing it my self so I wanted to see a professional do it so that afterwards id have much greater confidence in doing it my self. (im always overly worried about things not going right). He supplied everything and the magnet has a few micron thick coating of (oh i cant recall atm. I think it was a bio compatible hard polymer) which he was adamant that was the best coating to get, as theres less bulk then thicker coatings, and would then be more sensitive and less noticeable. Also it would be less likely to rupture the coating if it was to experience a impact. 

In a few months the scar tissue from the entry of it should be fully dissolved and i hopefully will have more sensitivity then i do now. I cant imagine that though, its great as is but im excited. 

People who get tattoos say they are addicting. After only one small basic magnet implant I feel the need already (its only the end of November) for more Grinding and im wanting more in depth things. Im currently looking at RFID and learning what all i can do with it and how to program it. Hopefully I get the time to learn it quickly and can move down that route. Id also love to see what kinds of things we as people can create and think of.


P.S. the reason i got this for anyone wondering, was not a party trick idea. it was to feel the magnetic world that we cant see. I have a special interest in experiencing the world in more interesting and in depth ways.


  • That's awesome. I'm glad you managed to track one down and an installer. What size is the magnet? Also the meat of you hand I take it is the outside of the hand?

    I stuck an rfid in mine there but and toying with maybe a cylinder in the other at the same location. My fear is that I won't have as much sensation in that spot so I was opting for a larger choice.

    Do you have any photos of the install or of it now?

    Congrats on the magnet!
  • Ya i was quite lucky, when i finally worked up the nerve to go through this (im a bit indecisive on things like this) i asked a few tattoo shops here, and they pointed me to Samppa who was actually coming to my city the next month. I got very lucky. The magnet is a M31 i think i recall. 
    Im having a brain fart for the last couple days i cant recall what the name of the part of the palm of the hand is called. (my advanced first aid teacher would be disappointed) but looking it up online all im coming up with is the hypothenar area of the hand. 

    I was asking him if it would interfere with a RFID in the same area. He and his wife both have magnets and RFID in the webbing between the thumb and finger about 2 or 3 cm apart. his worked perfectly he says but his wifes they had to take out since it was getting too much interference to be read and they had to do it a bit further apart. so as long as its not super close to it id enjoy a RFID somewhere in the same hand. 

    I am having technical difficulties moving pics from my cell to my computer via cord, if i cant resolve it ill just email some pics to my computer to put on here. (I have my log in info saved here and cant recall the password already :S)

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