Implanters in Utah

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I've been looking online for an information on body artists in Salt Lake City that knowhow to implant magnets but I've come up short. Does anybody know of someone that can implant near SLC? Preferably no planes or anything like that.


  • I am in SLC
  • Great to meet you! i was disparaged thinking that the huge mormon culture would stop most anybody from wanting to get involved in the movement, but its nice to know at least one person from the same area.
  • yeah SLC has kind of a lot of us. I have implanted 12 people in total now and it's not like I am going out and advertising that I do these things. A lot of people in engineering at the U of U have me do implants on them for fun projects.

    We should meet up some time, where do you live? I am in the avenues down town
  • Engineering department makes sense, but damn, that's a lot! Awesome to know there's an experienced implanted closeby. I live just a couple blocks east of emigration market on 13th south if you know where that is. What implants do you have personally have?
  • I am also in SLC and have been looking for a reputable place for a while now. I would love to start with a magnet implant and go from there. Old co worker of mine has had a few implants and got me excited about it.
  • @Knils PM me and we can set something up.

    @AmosKamal I have 8 in total right now. 3 chips, and 6 magnets, including the Dangerous Things m31, blood diamond, and a few other coatings. 
  • @Benbeezy Out of curiosity, of all those different coatings which do you prefer? If your preference is based on something other than size and how sensitive it is, what is it based on? And what's the best based on size and sensitivity?
  • I really liked the diamond since it was so easy to heal, my body did not care at all about that one, but those ones you can't get easily. I'd say size really doesn't matter for healing a ton, as long as you have space for it that is.

    I really like the 3mmX6mm one in the size of my hand, its handy, strong, and super easy to do.
  • @Benbeezy, what would you reccomend for magnet size? Preferably as little skin bulge as possible, but still very strong.
  • Side comment.. I've seen Ben's work. I can vouch for it.
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    I second @Cassox, Ben did mine and it looks amazing
  • @misslitty @Cassox thanks guys :) 

    @AmosKamal the reason for the M31 size was because it was the best for all of those reasons. So I would say that 3mm x 1mm is a pretty good size for strength to size and comfort ratio.
  • I was thinking about this though.. Ben you are scarred up as fuck. Lol. So am I. So many scars at this point. I don't think you can judge an implanter based on self work. I just don't give a shit when I'm cutting myself.
  • yeah, I have quite a number of scars, to the point that I have re opened a number of them... and self work is always sub par I think. Although I think I do a fair job on other people. You've done a LOT more than I have and for a reason, your kinda 'the guy' for it for a reason.
  • This thread is now 16 months old, but I want to revive it. @Benbeezy, @Cassox, @AmosKamal - are you still in SLC? I would like to do a meetup if any of your are interested - get some drinks and talk.

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