Cyberpunk costume ideas (Halloween party)

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Ok guys, so I was thinking of going Gibsonian this Halloween for a costume party. I'm putting together a costume and I'm looking for ideas:

What aesthetics define or have been associated to Cyberpunk? I.e hair color/style, clothing, acessories ?

So far I'm thinking of getting a hold of an old Commodore 64 and painting it over and attaching a strap to look like this:

I also have a glove with wires coming from the fingers, which I might "attach" to a Pcb on my forearm(not functional). Any other ideas would be great, such as jewelry or clothing!


  • Go on Pinterest, search for "cyberpunk character" and look at some pictures. A google image search will likely be less useful.

    I'd recommend some sort of glowing tubes. If you can purchase liquid tritium in an openable container, find some thin water tube, like you'd use in a fish tank, fill that with said tritium (obviously after sealing one end, then seal the other end, that could look cool.

    Sarcasm. Just FYI. Don't bother trying to do that.

    Just look at pictures. I think you'll find it has more to do with the clothes you wear than any deep integration with technology. If you routinely wear contacts (or think you could get used to it so as to not be so uncomfortable while doing so at the end of the month), colored contacts go a long way, in my opinion.
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