How big is the active community

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As I am thinking of starting a serious biohacking company I have always wondered exactly how big is the market. SO.. to start off how big is this  community and I am talking about semi-active members not all the people who have been accepted (cause that's a watered down fuck ton) but I think that it would be useful to  all of us to know how big the community is  


  • There is a lot of members. There is few troll accounts that's have come and gone and may be lurking. There is a hand full of active. The amount of actual people is there they just don't post as much as others and there are a bunch that have only posted 1-2 times that have had magnets for years.

    If you do a roll call you will definitely miss a good share. I would suggest looking at the people in magnet status for a rough count. It seems to have the most varying amount of people that don't post often.
  • Someone with access to the database might be able to get you a count of all users who have posted at least three times in the past six months or something like that.

    That would be the best way to find out how many are active (which excludes lurkers, by definition) in THIS community, as a whole. But, if you are looking for who is in the market for whatever your biohacking company might sell, looking in specific categories (magnets vs rfid vs nootropics, etc) might be more useful.
  • thanks for the suggestions 
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