Uses for Arginine?

Hello! I've been thinking about nootropics and saw that l-arginine aspartate is found pretty easily. What are some of its benefits? What would I need to get if I wanted some fast-acting intelligence/memory boosters?


  • To clarify things a bit, you're aware there's no real like, NZT. (Limitless) Most effective drugs work by increasing your concentration and learning capabilities. Some (from what I understand) also serve to help you think moderately faster, though that could just be the side effect of being concentrated on a single task. I'm afraid I can't answer your specific question, other people here I'm sure can, just thought I'd clarify that there isn't really an "intelligence booster", what you're more likely to find is a general brain enhancing drug, that can help you learn or think more efficiently, but you still have to do said thinking or learning yourself.

    It's also worth noting that most drugs are only effective until your body builds up a resistance to the effect, at which time taking an increased dosage would likely become effective again. Though the recommended solution to the resistance is to cease usage for a time (the time varies by drug and usage frequency and quantity).

    Just thought I'd throw in some basics for getting started. Not being a nootropic user myself, I won't advise any specific ones, nor can I give details on any. But I do know that there are people here who likely have an answer. I read a few posts on a blog, one post in particular that mentioned some good details for a new user. I'll see if I can find it for you.
  • Thank you! Sorry for the lack of detail, I'm a bit of a nwebie, but yes, I meant a brain enhancing drug. 
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