Nootropic Stacks Market Research

I'm looking a possibly making a

Ok.... sorry about that, not sure what happened above, but I'm looking at selling some premade nootropics stacks. So the questions are:

1. What nootropic stack would like you like to buy but can't find premade anywhere?
2. What is the most effective part of your nootropics stack.


  • This is a good start. Follow through is key.
  • Haha, sorry. Fixed now.
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    depends on how you package everything. from how frequently a stack is shipped, 5to the range of freedoms u give the customer to modify things.

    im unsure if something like this would work bc lots of grinders like to switch their stacks up frequently.

    cool idea, though. also could be combined with the NootBot in the other thread. the other nootbot already does something similar but samples here would be the key.

    a chatbot that recommends noots and then allows a customer to buy sample stacks might b cool.
  • I like: Caffeine with L-Theanine, Ashwaghanda, and Noopept. I'd include Phenibut, but I don't think you should include that in a pre-made stack. 
  • This may be a little hard to implement but if I can get enough demand, Ill give it my best shot.

    How about a bot, like nootboot, that allowed you to order custom nootropic stacks by selecting each individual nootropic you wanted included.

    I'm aware that something similar exists but if I can get enough demand, I could arange something much cheaper.

  • A thought had crossed my mind a few weeks ago for a machine that could automatically mix a stack and then dispense a pill or power into a drink. Like a coffee machine almost.

    I am not sure how one could go about making a machine to automatically measure power to a milligram accuracy. Perhaps some sort of little augers or something.its obviously feasible, but at what cost?
  • take a look at automatic reloaders. they measure out powder to the grain. I'm not too sure the difference in amounts but i know its smaller then grams. 

    perhaps something like a kuerg (can't spell it) where they come in little cups and water/liquid runs through it?
  • I'll do some research this week in to which machine would be cheapest and most reliable. 
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    I feel like you guys are over complicating this. Why does a stack need to be custom, why does everything need to be premixed?
    My current stack involves 5x size 000 capsules taken twice a day. What benefit do I gain by pre-mixing that? It'd still be 5x size 000 capsules twice a day.

    If the goal is to make a drink out of it (why?) you could just dissolve the caps in your drink. Capsules are a far easier way to take nootropics than a drink. The only reason people use drinks is because loose powder is cheaper than capsules, but once you start talking about pre-measured dosages that benefit goes away.

    All that needs to be done really is to offer capsuled pills and sell them on an automatic renewal subscription service. I buy most of my stack here and it essentially does that except without automatic replenishment, and I guess I can't customize the qty or dosage of the capsules.

    If you wanted to get real fancy you could portion each dose of capsules into a blister-pac, but thats just added cost for not much benefit.

    The more mass production you can do on this, the cheaper you can keep the cost down. A machine with multiple hoppers full of loose powder that could be set up to create a custom stack sounds neat, but why would you spend the expense to make a single order at a time when you could mass produce capsules of individual powders thousands at a time? I also don't see such a machine being practical for home use, in terms of cost and accuracy.

    I'm not trying to be a nay-sayer here, I just don't understand what purpose this serves.

    If I were to do this, I'd set up a store that offers pre-capped pills. Offer them in multiple dosages if deemed necessary. So for piracetam say you sell it in 200, 400, and 800 mg capsules. Color code everything like BPN does. Allow the user to build their own stack by choosing from the chemicals and capsules offered, then allow them to set that stack up on a subscription. Make some suggestions on recommended stacks, and offer some bundles up of the most popular ones for quick and easy check out. Maybe you ship out a customized card with each order that shows what the stack is and how many of each color coded capsule to take when.
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