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I know similar questions have been asked, so I apologize. But I'm interested in two implants. They need to read/write. As well as I want to know what the current options regarding encryption are.


  • Well your First choice would be if you want nfc or RFID as they are Both Different. So what would you like to do with them?
  • Well for one I essentially just want to use it as a key card. Just to transmit my identity into a reader.

    But for the second, I want something secure where I can use it to store say a security key for say like, my missile launch codes lol, and use that to interface in a secure manor to authenticate.
  • @NLmax lol forgot to tag

  • @MRFLUFFYHUGS , so NFC as it has 888bytes of memory and is easier to use. You do need to know if the keycard uses NFC and how the system works so you know that you can replace your keycard with an implant
  • Make sure you get the right type of tag, for example, my university uses Mifare 1k cards so my tag doesn't work with them.
  • I'm going to Push my problem in here : anyone know what to do ; i Have a key from HEWI Opertis (?) It uses nfc but my nfc Readers cant Read it. Also my RFID Reader can't pick it up either. Im so confused
  • Thank you @aeris / @NLmax . My other question is I see that dangerous things also has a bio thermal tag. is there any other bio tag that can transmit any readings other than body temp?
  • Not that I know of, you could try to search for the chips that vets use to read the temp of a pet. but It's the same one as DT offers?

    All tags are used to store data or are being used for their UID to use things, aprart from that one that sends bodytemp. Atleast that I know of
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