Samsung SHS-3320 Door Lock

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I purchased the electronic lock and cannot get it to function.  The electronic lock seems to be confused. It thinks the door is closed and fully locks itself requiring the pin when it is open. When the door is closed, it operates as though it's ajar. It will not stay locked. I am hoping someone knows how I can easily fix this. 


  • When you close the door what do you mean by it acts ajar. Does it just make a sound like it is trying to close them beep?
  • If that's the case it most likely means the hole for the sliding muck do hicky(very technical term) is not aligned.
  • I mean that it will not lock the door. For some reason, it does the reverse action. When I have the door open, it will lock and require the pin to unlock it, but when I close the door and try to lock it, it won't lock it at all.
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    Does it make a sound like it's trying to? Because if it is doing what I described earlier it will continue to try and close. So when you open the door it will be able to lock because there is nothing obstructing it
  • It actually works in the sense that the deadbolt functions whether the door is open or closed. However, when the door is closed, it refuses to stay locked. When the door is opened, and you press the lock button, it will stay locked. For some reason, the sensors (or whatever controls the digital locking system) is confused.
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