More functions from RFID reader and implant.

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I'm not sure if this has been discussed before or not, I'm just gonna go for it anyways.

I've seen a lot of set-ups for locks and similar things. One way on/off switches in a way.
Things that use one reader.

I don't know many of the limitations of the  RFID readers themselves. Such as them being too slow, or the distances not being right. 
Which is partially why I come to you all.

If you had four readers, situated in sort of a square formation,(or more, in a more creative pattern) would you be able to connect them in a way that you could issue different commands based on the order they were actuated and the timing between them(speed of your hand)?
For instance if you swiped your hand upwards on the pad maybe your the lights in your room could come on, down to turn them off I imagine,
Swiping left and right could maybe lock the door or something else. I can see several possibilities.

I was just wondering if this is a viable concept and/or if it's been done before.. Or even discussed, 
I'm thinking the issues would come from RFID reader interference. dunno though.


  • I assume it would be possible to detect the position of an RFID chip...
  • Gee.. Thanks Doc
  • I would ask instead why not just have multiple scanners that have a set function like lights wishes?
    I don't think a scanner would be able to do that although I could be wrong. A scanner puts out a field and when said chip enters the chip gets power and shoots info back. It doesn't really produce any sort of sensor.

    Again I could be wrong.
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    @dlzr Sorry for the short response my train of thought skipped a track... I meant... Position detection rather than multiple scan points.

    I stopped myself writing more until I got some research and reading done.

    Only 3 sensors would be needed for spatial positioning of a tag with hopefully a greater resolution than a 2 by 2 grid... Assuming the readers reported signal strength, which i needed to read up on as I've worked with software for gesture detection but I've not done much work with RFID tag readers.

    Most of the research I could find has been used for location mapping of and for robots, but it seems perfectly feasible. I could not find anyone having combined it with gesture detection. Here is a link showing RFID detection in space [LINK].

    I think the idea is excellent however, not just for system commands but also for the chance to creating a non-contact 2-factor authentication.
  • My opinion about it would be, why not make your own "LEAP" kind of scanner?

    Using something else than RFID would be cheaper, easier and smaller.

    RFID would be great as you would be the only one operating it, but why not connect a reader to the "Leap" thingy that it will only work if you have scanned your RFID?

    Without researching my thoughts would be that RFID distance reading( as you need to do) would be much harder to make then using distance sensors.

    I hope it helps and if I got it all wrong, just ignore me haha
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