Found some RFID ICs on my shelf

edited May 2016 in RFID/NFC
So it appears, one day before my life got turned upside down, I ordered some parts for building an implant.
So when i looked through my stuff to do my tax returns I found a bag containing breakoutboards and a couple of TMS37157 from Texas Instruments.

It's a 4x4mm QFN16 chip full of surprises. The things it does:
-134.2 kHz RFID interfacing (works as regular RFID tag with EEPROM)
-Power management (you can power a microcontroller from it, and connect a battery (has a battery charging circuit buildin)
-interfaces with microcontrollers via SPI (so you can send and receive data at 8kBit/s, EEPROM can be accessed from the μC)
-has some sensor interface iirc
-works with a minimum of external components
-sells cheap in low quantities

It's the one chip that does all. At least for implants with low power requirements.
I have no idea how I was able to forget about a gem like that but it happened.

Of course my plans are to build something with it. In just in case my progress is slowed down (which will happen) you can investigate the opportunities it offers for yourself.
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