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I've got this key with has an RFID/NFC in it, but my readers can't get any info on them. So I'm wondering if anyone has an idea what's in here and how I could copy it for an implant.

Any help/ideas/suggestions are welcome!




  • Please give us more info. what is it for? are you sure it's RFID/NFC? what readers did you try?
  • Sure my bad, It's from a company called " Hewi" it says on the other side of the key. I've tried it with an ACR122u and MFRC522.

    Their site says it has NFC-1444a , can't find the link atm.

    So I'm a bit confused right now, I could call the landlord-business and ask but I might seem weird and suspicious if i do so
  • shouldn't that be 14443-something type a? because then it's classic mifare and should work with mfrc522
  • The only key I found sofar from " Hewi" is this one :

    wth it's technical details :

    it's in German though.

    I'm so confused! I've read mifare's before and even cracked them. but this is really strange, I can't find a picture of the same key anywhere.

    I guess calling Hewi will be the only option?

    And If i wanted this implanted, I'd need a mifare implant instead of xNT(nfc) right?
  • !update!

    Just tried a mifare card against the reader for the door and it didnt react at all
  • from the manual. it's 14443A indeed. The reader can use Mifare classic and Mifare DESFire. From what i read it does work with a 96Byte (2 sektors) on a mifare classic tag (or one file for the DESFire). There appears to be an option to work with the UID if no free sektors are available.
    Little info on the xNT part.
  • @ThomasEgi , that sounds like a sparkle of hope. So inplanting the NFC and asking my landlord nicely may result in me opening the Doors with it? My knowledge on nfc/RFID isnt that great, only with cracking them haha
  • just a suggestion: better ask your landlord nicely before actually implanting it. Maybe even try a dry-run with a non-implanted one.
  • That would be a great idea Thomas! but I'm sure I'll implant one, so if I can't copy the key on there I will still use it for other stuff! Thank you anyways for the suggestion, I guess I'll wait till the implant and visit them, explaining the situation and hope they are willing to copy the code on my implant if that's possible
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