Standards, Procedures, Guidelines in DIY Implants

I was speaking to some guys from UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Consumer Electronics last week and it came up that they're not as afraid of the DIY implant space as the medical community might be. They're even starting to get into nootropics and supplements, apparently. We discussed how standards best come from the communities that are most affected by them and I see more and more discussion over government regulation of this space as it gets more and more (awful) press..

I know at least a few grinders are interested in documenting how things are done properly, but are there any projects in the works to define standards on DIY implants?

Is anyone working to form an association, guild or whatever?

How do we keep some asshole from opening a mall kiosk and implanting 13 year olds and ruining it for everyone?


  • I haven't really seen any bad press, no ones died yet and that is good for us. My I ask ware if at all you have seen or head bad press?

    It is what it is. X_x. But largely, no.

    Still, having convention pre-failure is ideal. :s
  • That's one case of how many? Both times of going onto MTV several other documentary people have passed through here as well.... Wouldn't say we have a bad reputation.... Yet at least....
  • I know. And honestly, that's the only snag that I have witnessed so far. 

    It hasn't really become an issue yet. but... Best to bite problems in the butt. ^^
  • I think we are working on a guild....
  • I am horrible about keeping up on the forum here, so sorry for the slow response.

    I haven't seen any horror stories but was curious who was working on what as I wanted to support any existing projects before talking about working on any new ones.

    A guild or association is a good bet and is an easy place to start. If anyone is taking point on that, please point me their way.
  • @cassux has standard on I think the wiki on how to do a few different implants, he is the guy to talk to about setting up standards.
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