Human traffickers implant people with RFID chips

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This is weird, and scary, but also sorta dumb? Since RFID can't be used to locate someone, my best guess is that this was done as a form of psychological manipulation- tell a person you are implanting a tracking chip, implant any damn thing, they believe they are being tracked. That, or the asshole doing the implanting actually had no idea himself how such things work. Effectiveness, aside, this remains unspeakably evil.


  • I would be more inclined to say it serves other functions. Such as identification... Like a pet....Moving 100 people you can scan would make more sense, especially if There's specific things to keep note of on the person. This is a 'paper trail' with no papers to get lost, stolen, but still keeps information and numbers about a person ON a person...

    This is still horrifyingly disgusting.

    I would be interested to know what was kept on that chip...

  • It's just like putting a brand or a barcode on someone. If they escape and are recaptured by another branch they know whose property you are.
  • Mhm. v_v

    And what your worth/what or who you are...

  • Yeah, I'd do this too if I was a trafficker. Not because it has much function, but basically you could convince someone that you could find them if the ran, or that you would hit the detonation command if they ratted on you.

    Total mindfuck
  • If this was part of a larger ring it could make a lot of sense. The slaves are essentially a product and they would be treated a such and passed around. But most likely it was psychological as people have noted.
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