Spring 2016 Community Goal 3: Start a Local Group

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Spring 2016 Goals 
At Grindfest 02 the group talked about goals for the community.  Themes of “Supportive not competitive” and "More tangible results"

Goal 3: Local groups
Everyone should try to get a local group started and report back on what work

The full goals doc is here - sign up or add information :D



  • So.... I guess my big question here is simply 'how'? How to even begin.

    I've seen some general groups for various topics use meetup.com to organize events and stuff, but it's not a cost free option and tastes incredibly formal. I was thinking maybe I could put some kind of dorky flyer up directing to a page or irc channel or email group, and see what kind of interest I can find. It's not the most high tech solution, but it might be my best bet as far as reaching local folks go.
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    Starting a local group ware I am is hard, I am known for being crazy and vary few are open minded to biohacking. Just a problem I doubt I will be the only who will face, I want to see how other handle it.
  • sounds like you are from the south probably texas?
  • East Texas at that....
  • Wait was I right really?
  • @JohnDoe "local" is also a relative concept, somewhat dependent on how far out in the sticks you are. Maybe you would be gathering up part or all of Texas at first. Certainly including Austin would up the body count. Weekly call/Skype, monthly meeting or special TX event somewhere central? Or make them all come to you since you are starting the group ;) Even creating a USA>TX thread in the biohack.me meeting area would be a good start for finding like-minded folk.
  • Since bodyhackingcon is in Austin, there has to be SOME community there, right? (I do understand that Texas is huge)
  • Yea, by driving Austin is two days and San Antonio three I haven't took the trip by ultra light, but would think it would be more like four hours or so.... Are there any groups in Dallas or western Louisiana?
  • Well, I'm going to have a beer tonight with some dude who's local and interested in getting involved in the community. I'm also going to check out a few of the local makers groups. I haven't made a "meetup" thing yet but ideally I'd like to do something bi-weekly at the lab. If anyone is up near Antelope Valley/Bakersfield area hit me up.
  • Thanks I have work this week, but I am looking into this somemore!!
  • Well the Meetup.com seems to have some initial promise - the group now has 20 members and 2 are coming to the electronics event on Sat.
    Note 1: I'm in an area that is more likely to attract biohacker (San Francisco/Bay Area).
    Note 2: Joining a group and participating in it are two very different things on the Meetup.com site. 
  • Yea getting there will be a trick for me constantly
  • I could look into starting a group in East Lansing, MI. I live one mile from Michigan State University's main campus so I'm sure there would be interest. I know there is a small group in Detroit, but many like myself can't make it there.
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