Creepy or not?

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Is it creepy or not knowing whether or not other members are actively online?



  • Are you watching me?
  • I knew someone could use my implant to track me...
  • Since there's no real-time chat here it's unnecessary imo
  • What's creepy, is poor database practices that expose information on the backend.
  • Why don't we have a new forum?
  • Zombie the backend controls the database and can just make queries against it for any arbitrary data.
    It would be pointless to store things in the database the backend can't access.

  • In my experience people tend to blow there lid when they can't rationalize that they are being observed (Note I didn't use track of flagged.) online by seemingly against there will or with out there knowing. I was part project against all tracking/user observation online. Closed part of my past....
  • I don't think it's creepy, as this is a feature that many other forums (specifically ones powered by invision) have, or have had in the past.

    I also don't think it's useful, however, as on these forums you can follow along by favoriting threads and reading your email, and thus may only visit the site rarely.
  • I do not feel that it is creepy, and while it would not necessarily be 100% accurate to who is actively keeping up with forum information for reasons like checking through email or checking on a different device while not signed in etc, I still think it would be useful, or at very least nice to know who is actively watching, participating, and otherwise involved with the forums regularly.

    It sounds like we would need to make a completely new forum to really make it possible though, and I am not sure that it is a valid reason to go through that process on it's own. We would need other justifications like the formatting or the fact that it is difficult to search the site. For now though the forum seems to do its job for the most part.
  • I don't feel like it is creepy, but rather unnecessary. I think a counter could be quite useful or interesting though. If we got a chat function I think it would be quite useful though.
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