Why implant devices into yourself with surgery as opposed to chemical enhancements?

I would like to propose a new idea as opposed to surgical implants:

5 Week Program:

3g Ecdysterone
2g Capsaicin
2 Capsules Fish Oil
Whey Protein Shake
10mg Cerebrolysin
500mg Choline

5x5 Bench Press
5x5 Overhead Press
5x5 Dumbbell Curl
5x5 Dumbbell Row
50 Pushups
50 Situps
10 Pullups

Or something like that


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    In order to achieve what enhancement opposed to implanting what?

    Edit: After looking closer are you talking muscle/strength inhancement as opposed to exo or implants to reinforce the body?
  • Yes, as well as neural function enhancements
  • What is the purpose of the Cerebrolysin injections? If it's for increased mental stamina/reaction time, wouldn't one of its active polypeptides such as Semax or P21 be suitable enough?
  • Exactly what kinds of surgical implants are you attempting to render unnecessary with this regimen? It obviously has the potential to create neurological and physiological changes, but won't allow me to read vitals, or do anything rfid allows me to...

  • This isn't a well thought out proposal. Why go to work when we can eat tacos indeed?
  • I think he is implying not to implant reinforcements for bone strength but instead build more muscle and strength.
  • I agree! let's go to work AND eat tacos!
  • Tacos! Where? Count me in!
  • Tacos! :D
  • Ecdysterone isn't known to do anything in humans, but I do admire the "WOO! Eat three grams of insect hormones! WOO!" kind of... gonzoness about this plan.
  • Does cricket powder count?
  • you can't chemically enhance bluetooth into your body
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