Looking to try and get a apprenticeship as a piercer, any advice....

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I am being screwed over by my current job.(I work at Hollister (those fuck wods.)) It's time for me to move on. In attempt to move up in the world and I have decided I want to try and get a apprenticeship with a local piercer. However I figured it would be best to check for anyone here who could advise me on what to research and what to say, aside from the obvious like say sterilization or scalpel blade types. I am looking for what I should expect to be asked or asked todo should I get a interview. I am already 10 hour certified by OSHA and I am curious as to if there is any other non on the job training I could seek before going in.

John Doe


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    Definitely check in with your local rules and regulations. I was hoping
    to do the same as a side gig up here but pretty much anything more
    extensive than a decorative dermal anchor is illegal. Heck, one of the
    shops around here said they're not allowed to even keep scalpels.

    Don't let that deter you; I'm sure as modifications become more common place
    certain laws with likely get more lax. And it'll be a good foundation,
    should you want to dig deeper into the skin later on :) And who knows, maybe things are already lax near you!

    Most of these regulations will detail what you need before you can start, such
    as a Biohazard Safety certification and a First Aid certification, as well as any courses they recommend.
  • Be careful of the location too. There is a shop near me that has you pay for apprenticeship X amount of dollars and then never files paperwork so you don't move up. He basicly says you never completed training. Do a really look into when picking a shop, chat with old apprentices if you can expesically if it's a pay to be an apprentice.
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    I will definitely be looking into a biohazard and first aid certificate around me. I am in East Texas not to worried about local regulations but will look into it some more, that would explain why I see anyone with dermals are any thing beyond the typical around here.

    Thanks for telling me about that. Something I definitely will do.

    John Doe
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