2 m31 Biohacker Magnets (SOLD)

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Hi there guys, a while ago I purchased two m31s from Dangerous Things. I intended to implant them, but unfortunately my job involves a lot of work with my hands and having any time for a healing period will not be feasible for a while. Realizing that there is currently a demand for them, and being unable to use them myself, I am looking to sell them.

The magnets have not been handled or used in any way and are still in their original plastic bags complete with the ampule of ChloraPrep and what I assume are instructions of some sort. I don't have a set price on them, but would at least like to get back the money I paid.

Feel free to DM me with an offer if interested in either one or both.




  • >~< 

    I'm really interested in those m31's that @alexsmith is working on, but i still have no idea where they stand. So split interest. :s

    Also, again, not out of lack of trust. But I really would prefer to purchase with no in betweens that could contribute any number of variables.

    Otherwise, I would jump on these. Passing, Come get them, people. D:>
  • Nah, I completely feel you there as far as cutting out a middleman. I'd do the same. Still, I have magnets I'm not looking to use... So hopefully someone wants them. :3
  • Oh, trust me, people want them. :s

    Expect to loose those pretty fast. lol ^^

    On a side question, I understand using your hands a ton. Myself, I am going to be using splints to protect my hands and work through it. Would you reconsider the idea of attempting to implant them if finger splints/braces were suggested? Just to throw out an idea if it's something you would like to try.

    That's something I'll be contributing to, to fault shoot and see if it's a bad idea... Not sure why it would be... Allow me to test, I'll let you know some day. :o
  • I would, if I could still work with a splint/brace. I am a bicycle deliveryman for a local restaurant and wash dishes in whatever time I am not busy speeding through the traffic on my bike. 

    My main issue is that the implants would be nearly impossible to keep clean and dry with my work. also wearing splints or braces while riding my bike all over town would be an absolute nightmare. I was actually involved in an accident last week which involved me breaking a finger and two ribs and trust me, anything more to deal with makes the job rather hellish.

    So in short yes, if I splints or braces would allow me to keep my finger safe while not interfering too much with my ability to do my job I would most definitely consider it. Unfortunately I don't see that working out in my case.
  • dibs on one send me your paypal address and ill PM you once i send you the money
  • I got dibs on second one. PM me too
  • Looks like until further notice, both magnets have homes now. I will post if anything changes.
  • I also do delivery, although I don't do dishwashing. I got on of the 6mm cylinders and I managed to get through it. Nitrile gloves are you're friend, as is the finger tip cut off of a glove to protect your finger. You can splint just the end and it will protect it and not be too in the way, although you will be a little slow. I did it the morning of my "weekend" and mine has been good.
  • Good to know. Thanks!
  • If either of those transactions don't work out, I'll take one please.
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    I'll also take an M31 for $100 if anyone has one to sell. Just PM me.
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