Dual Magnet Configuration

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Who here has a double magnet configuration for enhanced field sensing? I've seen scattered comments on such things but no concentrated knowledge source. My understanding is that having two magnets on the same hand provides a sort of stereomagnetic enhancement over the standard single magnet setup, but there are many questions to be answered before I attempt this; I'm going to get my first and possibly second implant soon.

I imagine the small sensation differences in both fingers when reacting to the same source are what provides this perception, and it may be about the same as waving your hand back and forth to feel it from different angles.  What then of the interaction between the magnetic fields from your different digits?  Being cushioned by flesh prevents them from flying together at a distance where they would do so uninhibited, but if they are still within each other's fields would that have a long term effect?  Could it increase the risk for migration?  Would you have sensation with every movement of your fingers in relation to each other?

Best placement is also a unknown.  The common inner ring finger location could work for one, but where would the other best be installed? Pinky, pointer? Should they be “facing away” on opposite sides so that they pull each other inwards (if the above questions prove a factor), or facing towards each other?  The only thing I've seen for certain is that you wouldn't want them facing each other on adjacent fingers, that's just asking for them to unintentionally click together while you sleep and damage your flesh.

I look forward to hearing from you bimagneto folks about your experiences. 


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  • Some experimentation has been done with multiple magnet setups and the more legit information is that two magnets, one on the ulnar nerve line (ring finger side) and one on the median nerve line (pointer finger) have the potential to increase sensation. This is still, at best, anecdotal. However, there are some papers that point to combined sensation from these two nerve lines leading to an increase or change int he way the brain takes in sensation.
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    Umm....Compiled data as I understand it... If I'm, reading things right

    • having two magnets will give you more of a 3D perception of the field (imagine having a fan doing it's thing and sticking either one or two fingers against the edge of the airstream to feel it's edge; two will give a more precise index of its area. 
    • Not 100%  On migration, I do not think it is an issue from everything i have read. If i understand it correctly, the largest risk comes from magnetic pinching causing physical tissue damage, and from there, rejection. 
    • The magnets will interact with one another, though considering the strength (or lack of, rather), unless they were in close proximity I do not think they would interfere too much with one another. Say, one on the inside of one finger, another on the outside of the next finger over, splitting them as far as they could be between the two. I'm not sure the range one would pick up a paperclip with... But I don't think many people can pick up metal objects on the far side of their finger with the magnet. I have seen someone said their m31 was inert through a bandage.
    • Please also note, orientation of the poles could also have a dramatic effect on if they attract or repel, but again, depending on proximity.
    • Placement should be in the most ideal location. This could strongly vary from person to person. I know Chironex had one in ring and index, and opted to remove the index because of irritation of high traffic. There's two major nerves running through the hands if I understand it right, one on each one maybe? If the ring finger happens to be the most ideal place, with the index being the more second... However, you for some reason do a lot of fine articulation with your index but hardly use your middle finger... MAYBE it might be worth looking into the middle finger? Case by case differences still should exist in some situations. otherwise things in medical fields would be strait 'plug and play'. Much more simple >~<

    If my own two cents help at all. I do not have magnets implanted yet (Going to be doing a split, mirrored between left and right hand myself when it comes to the time to play with that aspect). But the information I have seen so far. *PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG. :o

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  • Here's my anecdotal $0.02.
    I have a Haworth in my ring finger, ulnar side, and an m31 in my index finger, also ulnar side. They don't interact with one another while my hand is relaxed. I have never had worries about migration due to their placement since there is no interaction.
    Unfortunately there is such a difference in sensation strength that I have never gotten an enhanced sense of field space or shape. I don't regret the second implant though. If you want to find a better answer find someone with identical magnets who gets the same sensation strength.
    With finger magnets the concept of diminishing returns is apparent. My advice is to wait three months after getting the first magnet then decide how important the second one is.
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