A call for help convincing loved one I am not crazy....

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Okay so someone I am close to but have a rapidly dieing relations with is convinced she knows all about something she does not. That said how would y'all convince her that this is safe, and if possible not crazy. I am open to all ideas. These are magnet implants that will use benbeezy's biocoating. I even taped a magnet to her finger and showed her the effect, hoping that would push her over but it didn't.... With that my last idea....
Atm choosing between one or the other is not a option, but if it comes down to it.... I am so getting the magnets!

John Doe


  • I faced the same issues myself.  Ultimately, nothing could convince my mother that this was not crazy.  Links to mainstream media articles might help (there have been a few over the years) might help, but in my case, my mother refused to look at them, instead declaring quite loudly that no such mainstream coverage could exist because she was choosing to believe that I'd invented the entire thing myself.

    In my case, it ended with me no longer bringing it up in her presence.  This very hugely important thing to me cannot be mentioned around her.  I do not like that at all, but it's where it ended up.  Some people simply are not at a point where they can believe that these kinds of things are real or possible and so assume that people like us must be mentally defective in some way.  It will take a company like Apple or Samsung releasing an implant before they can believe it.

    I hope you find a way through this.  It's hard, I know.

    And enjoy your magnets.  They really are incredible to have.
  • I am not at all keen to tell anyone in real life until they are successfully embedded myself >~<. Aside from the few friends I tease with what they consider is me becoming slightly unstable/psychotic (I don't tease them anymore. I did it once and one flew off the handle thinking i was going to commit suicide or something drastic.. Please... ~_~)

    It makes it a little more difficult. Honestly, it may be better to adopt the policy of "It is better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission". Except I personally hate that.

    Simply put, she most likely does not more know than you.

    BUT one of your greatest friends may be to equate this to something relatable... Does she have tattoos or piercings or any other body art of her own? Trying to draw similarities may be one of the best ways to make a bridge. ^^

    @aviin 'Mother knows best.' It may be something they do out of intent to protect you. Or simply out of ones own beliefs or interest. I don't like closed-mindedness without quantitative supporting data. v-v

    But I'll freely admit to suggesting against something unless I know it's safe, because if my input prevents someone from doing something stupid and saves them damage/trauma/hardship, i would prefer to be safer. Doesn't mean intended ignorance is appropriate either. :s

    Both sides have points. It;s tricky. but ultimately you are you. ^^
  • "Aside from a few friends I tease with what they consider is me being slightly unstable/psychotic." That is me to the word I scare my forensics teacher bad, she even said I hope you become a crime writer and not a cereal killer. She has no body art of her own aside from ear rings. Which I don't think is a enough to draw a bridge.

    How did you hide your stichs? And the wounds from the implant? As much as I hate to say it I may just have to wait awhile longer. I am moving into a dorm soon so I won't see her as much then.
  • As to hiding stitches, it wasn't until I had already done it and had stitches in that she totally went off the deep end about it.  I think she didn't believe I would go through with it initially, so her somewhat mild disapproval was all that came before then.  It was the stitches in multiple fingers that really set her off.  Keep in mind, too, that I'm an established adult who, while living in the same city as my mother, can avoid visiting when things are still visible to the naked eye.  Since the four magnets, I've implanted five RFIDs (most recently today), and those leave far less visible wounds.  A day after implanting one of those, all that is visible is a small scab.
  • @JohnDoe Out of curiosity, and in the interest of presenting counterpoints, which part does she not like? That is, is she primarily against simply cutting your finger open, or the idea of having a magnet inside of it?

    Side note: I feel like a Crime author should know the difference between a cereal killer (Count Chocula?) and a serial killer ;).
  • I am a Cereal killer. D:>

    v-v I regret everything. It was delicious, though.
  • When I first got the "want" to put a magnet in me, my wife was at first concerned. We talked about it, I explained this is something I would like to try. I had found a implanted who could do it for me. My wife actually Google's him, researched him and gave her approval. She went with me to get my first magnet implanted.

    Now I ordered a RFID from Alex Smith, and my wife will actually do the implanting for me.

    I think honesty is the way to go. If it is someone important in your life, why sully the relationship with deception and lies?

    As for mothers, their job is to protect their children. My mom does not know about my magnet yet... I'm planning on telling her next time we talk, but I haven't seen her in nearly 20 years, so guess my situation with mother is different.
  • @Rytcd
    She is against the magnets exclusively magnets, she was open to the idea of nootropics. And she has pushed for me to build the EEG guitar and even encouraged RFID implants. She thinks it's the mark of saten.... I personally believe it will be RFID or a bar code tattoo, but I don't know how to sway her otherwise.
  • Has she said what exactly it is about the magnet that she has a problem to? Is it religious? Does it just squick her out to imagine it going in? Has she been specific?
  • No infact she won't get specific.
  • I have heard of qualms with people who are even mildly religious simply not accepting basic fundamental ideas of science, because they are so easily explained as automatically being evil. x_x

    I know one individual who outright believes that piercing the flesh other than the ear is sinful. They also happen to believe that magnets are the few rocks 'Tainted by Satan', because rocks shouldn't ever move or have any force. They aren't alive. That it shows one of the devils attempts to make life, and how he is inferior to God...

    I dread the day she learn that magnets are part of motors... I don't know if this idea is related at all. But here's something I've seen. :o
  • I also have to wonder how much of it is that she has not been desecitised to this kind of stuff. I also feel that it is worth mentioning I am a born again Christen, point being not all christens believe that....
  • Oh, of course. >~<

    Honestly, I have no idea where an idea like that comes from. I have met many many different people, and among the bread bowl, even many other Christians I have met have just outright called that foolish. X_X

    Spice is the variety of life. And vice versa. ^^ But some puerile do not like spicy at all. v_v
  • If she can't be specific about it then it's probably a matter of being creeped out by it and not some religious or political concern. It is a bit creepy.

    My suggestion would be to find a video showing the procedure, especially one of the ones with a super long prep time that is super boring, the more boring the better. Let her know that this is the process and give her the link to watch it. The boringness turns it from creepy and scary to a banal procedure that is not really a big deal.
  • @Cathasach
    Dude you are GENIUS!
  • @Cathasach I do quite like that idea, but I can see a critical backfire; The ominous suspense an amount of steps going on could intensify unsettling feelings if interpreted incorrectly. >~<

    They might hold you to replicating it just like that, and if ignorant to capacity, they may consider you unable, and further reinforce denial. :s

    Just trying to fault search. Still a great idea, just a possible constraint to keep in mind. ^^

  • My mother worked as a nurse for years and had very practical concerns about risk (infection and such), she seemed more reassured when I told her I used plenty of antiseptic etc but still wasn't fully happy and believes the risks aren't worth it.

    If it's a religious belief or just finding the idea creepy then it's less likely you'll be able to convince someone, but if there's practical objections then try addressing them directly.
  • @Zerbula
    That's a good point....
  • Bleah,,,

    When you get the nerve to present the research you've done to a few friends in an effort to get feedback and ideas, and none of them support you out of their interest in trying to keep you safe. v-v

    I love them all for it, but none of them are willing to help me. They think it's super dangerous and risky. I'm willing to explain and answer any questions they have. They just don't have them, they are all just against it because 'it's dangerous'.. >~<

    I have very healthy respect for what I'm doing, I would like to think I'm not foolish, if doing something unorthodox and invasive.

    A couple of them just don't want me to talk to them about it, stresses them out too bad. So meh. :/ They still support ME, just not this.
  • I think I have won her over I don't think she will admit it.... I should her the FDA report I got from Benbeezy. I think if I got them and hid them till she kind of just accepted things as they are.... Need to get a PO box now tired of her going though my mail....
  • @Johndoe


    Congratz on that. But going through mail... EEEH, MY MAIL. I wouldn't be down for that.
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