Sourcing C60



  • I'm the author of the immortallife piece linked above. While it was my colleague at Grindhouse Wetware that asked me to come up with a DIY method of synthesizing buckyballs, and we've floated around DIY nanotechnology a few times, we don't have any official projects related to nanotechnology at this time.

    @chironex pretty much nailed it as far as how to make the things, but whether it's advisable to consume DIY nanomaterials is pretty dubious. Plus, the original paper that inspired the post is kind of flawed in its methodology (they practically starved the mice except for giving them the buckyballs, and calorie restriction is already known to cause increased lifespan), and I haven't heard of any studies attempting to replicate theirs. (Then again, I haven't checked the list of papers that cite it.)

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