MRI access for an NSI-189 trial

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Hey everyone, I'm looking to start a 1-month long (or perhaps longer, if I can acquire more) trial of NSI-189. I'd like to have some real metrics on its effects, and was hoping I could find some way to get access to an MRI to get before and after pictures of my hippocampul volume, Does anyone in the community have the kind of access that would allow for this, or know of a way to arrange multiple MRIs. If I have to fake having a medical condition or something to get my doctor to recommend an MRI, that's a-ok by me. However it would be much simpler if someone knew of a way to sneak me into one.... without risking themselves getting fired, of course.

Also if anyone has any suggestions on other means of measuring brain volume/neurogenesis, I'm all ears.


  • Oh snap, that is super expensive! What kind of dosage are you going to be taking?
  • Actually an MRI is considered to be non invasive. You don't need an md order to have it performed. You can call any place that performs them near you and arrange to have it done. A bigger issue is having them read. I have a busy who is an MRI technician. He's told me he'll read them for me for another project for a minimal fee. I'll talk to him if you'd like. For comparitive mri there are things you should do.. for example get them done at the same time of day and try to have the same tech perform them. Let me know if you're going to go ahead and I'll talk to my friend.
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    @ChrisBot I've already got one gram of verified NSI-189 sitting in my cabinet, and I'm talking to a guy on longecity to procure another 10g for about $160. My plan is to dose 20mg twice daily for the first month, see how it feels, and perhaps increase to 40mg twice daily. I'll run the first cycle for 3 months, hopefully get an MRI, and try to gauge how permanent its effects, if there are any, are.

    @Cassox I would be hugely in your debt. I mentioned this in another thread, but MTV will (supposedly) be documenting my trial of NSI-189. Would your buddy be comfortable with the process being filmed for tv? I know that's kinda  a lot to ask, but... it's for science!
  • Oh and thanks for the tips, too, Cass. If you think of anything else that can help guarantee accuracy, let me know. I'll do a quick google search to get some ground-floor knowledge, too.
  • Ok, I'll talk to the guy this week about it and get a list of do and don't stuff RE: the MRI. Hey, give me a run down on NSI-189. What are you proposing occurs? Have there been studies showing increased density/neurogenesis of some region or something? What are you looking to show and of what region of the brain?
  • sorry to jump in, but i was actually just talking to someone about this and had them up in a tab

    up to 20% neurogenisis in the hippocampal region.
    mood stabilization and improvement, increase in memory skills, etc.

    if you got your stuff from the same region that i did (china), please make sure you have it tested by another party. taking the wrong chemical is no joke.

  • @glims are we reading the same article? All I saw was the authors repeatedly stating the differences in hippocampal volume between placebo-treated and drug-treated patients was not significant. I'm all for drugs to promote neurogenesis, but at least use one that has evidence of its efficacy.
  • @Cassox after basically having read the same links @glims posted, I'm hoping for even the slightest measurable increase in amygdala volume. The study published in "Nature" was only for 28 days of administration. Let's see what happens after 90 days...

    Even if there's no measurable increase in neurogenesis, I'm constantly looking for an effective antidepressant. I don't really care all that much how it works, as long as it does. If it happens to cause a 20% increase in hippocampal volume along the way, that's swell, too.
  • Oh and @glims, the first gram came from Blue Brain boost, who had an independent company do an NMR spec, so it's good. As for any future NSI-189 I may acquire, well... when it comes to consuming strange powders purchased over the Internet and manufactured in Chinese labs, I'm basically a pro. Don't you worry about me. ;)
  • @galticus I was looking on blue brain boost's site and couldn't find it do you have a link to the page? Did you specificly ask them for that?
  • @bciuser yeah sorry, those were kinda lame. it was more to outline efficiency of treatment than the hippocampal growth. all of the growth tests seem to be "on file" in their own lab.

    It would be good to get that mri data on that hand, because they are in clinical trials with some blind data.

    There's these papers on neurogenisis and hippocampal growth

    but there is, as you pointed out, a missing link between the claims made, the effect being had, and the data they are showing in that first paper i linked

  • @Meanderpaul sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a few days after I orderd my NSI-189 the site sent out a letter to its subscribers saying that they were going under. IIRC they aren't processing any more orders. Just to confirm I went to the page for NSI and a 404 error popped up.

  • That's depressing. At any rate I wish you luck and would love to see what you find.
  • @galticus try longecity thread: thats where I'm getting mine from, and according to lots of users, the sources in the thread seem to be legit.
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    @Cassox so I've got an appointment for an MRI, any word on getting that consult? Cuz uh, without that, this is uh, gonna be a pretty expensive picture of my brain.
  • Can anyone confirm if this is a reliable site to purchase from?

  • That's the website @galticus got it from. I guess they brought it back online.
  • There are a lot of Reddit posts with mixed results. I'm looking for increased memory retention (short term). @galticus , Do you recommend buying from blue brain boost ?
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