empty glass capsules

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is there anywhere to purchase empty rfid capsules online?  or somewhere to purchase schott 8625 tubing to make capsules out of?

like these


  • I have some of these... what do you need them for?
  • would like to put the tag from inside my debit card into one.  where did you acquire yours?
  • I could encase a chip for you if you want, but what size is it? these capsules are pretty small. Does it have an antenna attached or is it just a naked chip?

    I'm afraid I am unwilling to reveal my sources.
  • why so secretive?
  • Because I run a shop selling these things? seems like a pretty good reason. if I were just to tell you my supplier list for all the parts...
  • why not sell empty capsules then?  id buy some for sure.  whats the internal diameter/length roughly?
  • sure, no one ever seemed interested in buying parts before, only finished devices, but if you want them... no problem.

    size (in mm):

    OD: 3.05 +/- 0.08
    ID: 2.45 +/- 0.08
    length: 14.10

    I also have injection needles for these chips.

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    yeah ill buy a few to play with.  one end flame polished one end open right?  how much per?  any idea if you can source bigger diameter capsules in case they are too small?
  • you can PM me a paypal address for me to send you some $ :)
  • yeah, one end closed, the other end open with flame polished lip. lets say $5 a piece. I probably could source larger diameter capsules, but I have to order these hundreds at a time, so if you only want a few...

    I've made a listing on my site for these here.
  • sweet, ill grab one off the site instead then.

    whats the rough pricing on a batch of 100 bigger ones?  or rather, what sizes do they offer if you know?

    ill have to take some measurements on the size of this chip from inside my card and get back to you before id know exactly which size to get but im interested to know some rough numbers
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    Here are sizes I can probably get, length is pretty much what ever I choose. I don't actually know the price for a full batch, because the ones I have were part of a larger order including other items.

    outer diameter     inner diameter wall length
    1.25 +/-0.07mm   0.97 +/-0.05mm customised
    1.41 +/- 0.04 mm 0.185 +/- 0.03 mm customised
    1.82 +/- 0.05 mm 0.16 +/- 0.03 mm customised
    2.05 +/- 0.07 mm 1.74 +/- 0.07 mm customised
    2.12 +/- 0.03 mm 1.75 +/- 0.03 mm customised
    2.20 +/- 0.07 mm 1.90 +/- 0.07 mm customised
    3.05 +/- 0.08 mm 2.49 +/- 0.08 mm customised
    3.07+/-0.05 mm 2.13 +/- 0.05 mm customised
    3.85 +/- 0.05 mm 0.33 +/- 0.03 mm customised
    4.00 +/- 0.05 mm 3.16 +/- 0,05 mm customised
    5.8 +/- 0.13 mm 4.6 +/- 0.07 mm customised

  • I never thought to ask you about this. Weird. I'd like to order some of the 3mm OD tubes when you get a chance as well. :)
  • What are you guys putting into these tubes?

    I would struggle to construct something small enough to fit into one
  • careful with debit cards tho. unlike many other rfid chips those are often chips with hefty anti-temper mechanism. changing the coil resistance may already trigger a safety mechanism rendering it unusable. be sure to test with a card you can easily sacrifice to the gods of silicon
  • Actually, it would be quite cool if these glass capsules could be obtained in a larger size.

    Anyone know if this is possible?
  • Oh yeah. In fact, it's easier to get them in larger sizes as far I've experienced. Of course, the whole "RFIDs don't fail before the meat does" thing doesn't neccesarily apply to larger sizes.
  • What's the biggest size you can get?
  • Idk, but I have some 8mm lying around now. I'm sure they sell much larger stuff.
  • I wonder if it'd be large enough for an ATTiny85 + inductor:
  • Exceptionally good news :) What's does the sealing process entail? Just a standard high-temp torch? Or will I need to get fancier to keep it implantable?
  • a torch would require annealing the whole thing to keep it from shattering, and annealing would cause the temperature sensitive components inside to stop working... i believe they are normally sealed with an IR laser, but i was thinking some sort of biosafe resin/epoxy.
  • IR laser is the way to go
  • What power IR laser? I have 2 I ripped out of big office laser printers that were getting trashed, and I haven't thought of anything better to do with them than burn the corneas of my enemies out. 

    If a few lenses would make 'em useful, I could be persuaded to sell one of them after I get done building the rig.
  • ightden I'm going to have to disagree, I have sealed these with a butane torch without them breaking, and only heating the one end. But I wouldn't really recommend it, it left small pits in the glass, which would increase the likelihood of fouling.

    Yes, a laser is the recommend way to seal them, I'm not sure exactly how powerful is needed, I'm waiting for the laser cutter at my local hackerspace to be fixed so I can try sealing with that.

  • my guess would be somewhere in the 2 digit Watt power range. I have no experience with glass welding tho, so take with a grain of salt. Probably depends on many parameters such as beam quality and focus etc.
  • Hello

    Lets revive this topic :)
    I need someone who can provide me with some schott 8625 tubes

    It does not matter if one end is sealed or if they are open

    Also length and diameter does not really matter right now since I just need them to set up my laser.

    My contact at schott said they don't have them in stock and they get manufactured for the individual customer which means I have to get a whole batch which is way too much right now.

    I was wondering if anyone has access to a few they can send to me.

    Have a nice day

  • How many euros is a whole batch and how many units is that?
  • "We charge a flat rate of EUR 500 for each individual dimension and then deliver a packaging unit (called tray).

    The quantity per tray varies between 1,800 and 4,500 pieces, depending on the dimensions."

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