schumann resonances

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alright, so i'm new here, no current implants, the usual stuff. the schumman resonances is where the resonance of our atmosphere itself peaks, usually from 3 hz to 60 hs, so low frequencies, and the supposed fundamental peak is at 7.83 hz. now the reason i bring this up is supposedly the schumann resonances are disrupted and blocked by electromagnetic waves of higher frequencies, such as wifi, cellular networks, stuff like that. there started popping up kiosks at the malls near me, trying to sell jewelry "impregnated with minerals" with a high rate of response to, or having the schumman resonances embedded within them, you hear different stuff. now this sounds like a load of horse sh*t to me, but i do have to say, the little tests they do(clearly biased, as the salesman participates as the tester) at least convinced me it wasn't placebo. the salesman claim that the SR help to energize our bodies, or something, basically making us stronger, more centered. i don't know what exactly that's supposed to mean(like, i know i feel stronger and more centered after meditating or yoga, BUT that's a completely different thing, right?) anyways, i was thinking, if it's not horse shit, how do you guys feel about implanting "stones" obviously coated in whatnot bioproof yadda yadda in ourselves, maybe to "counteract" anything from rfid and etc we put in? it's probably along the lines of magnetic healing or something, but it also seemed to be more than placebo. the tests were basically the salesman trying to push me off balance in various compromised positions, both holding, and not holding the bracelets he was trying to sell. is this a viable thing? i need some extra insight here. also i depinitely don't want to spend money on it if it's crap anyweays. 
critical of new age beliefs
video of the resonance, pl,us some info     
probably crazy people talking about it
uses big words to confuse and convince people
company selling them
wow so many hungry capitalists!


  • i hope i posted this in the right place! someone help me debunk or decide whether to experiment with this stuff, cuz if i don't ask, someone else probably will.
  • ...b-b-but muh crystals!
  • i'm more skeptical the more i look at it, the websites selling them also look to sell magnetic bracelets"for advanced healing" copper jewelry "for arthritis releif" stuff like that. not promising. 
  • long story short: SR seems to exists but requires very good instruments to even be able to detect it. Since you'r comparing it to HS (horseshit) when it comes to healing, i'd rather use HS than SR. SR does nothing except creating revenue for pseudo-science-esotheric-jewelry sellers.

    @ightden more like "b-b-but meth crystals!" ;)
  • I agree it's most likely bogus. Regardless, welcome to the boards Sparhawk.
  • i figured it was bogus, but on the other hand, the guy doing the tests must be a really good magician, because i have studied stage combat and he wasn't using the usual tricks to make me feel stronger then. and thanks cassox! 
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