Orexin-A Group Purchase .

I've currently been sourcing human Orexin-A from many sources . I've come to find that synthesizing such a complex neuropeptide is quite expensive , but I've finally found a lab willing to synthesis a smaller quantity than most labs are willing to , in hopes of further purchases of a larger quantity . It's relatively inexpensive and of a reasonable quality %98-99 purity . Priced at $340(USD) for 200Mg. Which may not sound like much but considering how potent the compound is (active at around 200µg or .00002mg , 1mg would equal about 5000 doses ) 200mg for $340 is quite a bargain . For those not in the know , Orexin-A is a neuropeptide found in the human and animal brain , current studies suggest that a deficit of Orexin-A may be responsible for narcolepsy . Supplementing with Orexin-A while in a sleep deprived state increases alertness , cognitive ability  , and arouseal among other things


  • Orexin-A is unscheduled world wide and non-addictive , but it is not meant to be a replacement for sleep and proper nutrition . Orexin-A has so far shown no negative effects , though it's effect is minimal in well rested subjects without a deficit in natural Orexin-A . I myself suffer from wakefulness issues , mild narcolepsy , and an irregular sleep schedule , so I think it would be a godsend .
  • If anyone is interested in a group purchase please let me know . I'm currently working out some of the finer points with the supplier , but I believe they are willing to send the divided sum directly to all who order , provided that we pay additional shipping (EMS from China is typically $50 and arrives within 5 days) this way I will not have to act as an intermediate in shipping and everyone can receive their properly measured sums directly . Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions and any questions I or the internet cannot answer directly I will pass along to the supplier .
  • Interesting. I'd advise looking into the human trials on a drug working on the system that got abandoned in 2011 out so.

    It's highly conserved so genotoxicity may not be a huge deal. Let me set out this warning though.. a number of protein drugs have resulted in deaths during trials. If your body recognizes it as foreign and makes antibodies it's lights out. The antibodies bind to your own orexin. Be cautious.
  • Can you source your data? Id like to read up on it.
  • Also, try to find out how they are dealing with endotoxins?
  • Orexin-A is indigenous to the human body , it should not be recognized as a foreign protein , so it should not cause anaphylactic shock , if that's the concern . It's found naturally in the and human and other mammalian brains . I'm not familiar with endotoxins , are these byproducts of a bad synthesis or a product of metabolism ? In most medical documents I've read it's generally regarded as safe (GRAS) , there's plenty of research available online about the subject . I can request a quantitative analysis via gas chromatography and mass spectrogram . I can also send a sample away to a third party for analysis if absolute purity is a genuine concern , it could add to the cost , but if would be great to know with %100 certainty that the said compound is genuine and does not contain any potentially harmful byproducts in the %1-2 . I may even be able to request information on the route of synthesis to isolate any potential for harmful byproducts of a bad , or even proper for that matter , synthesis . This is possible though routes of synthesis are sometimes closely guarded secretes , seeing as the person who knows of a high yielding and high purity synthesis stand to make more money than those who don't .
  • It's currently being sold by at least 1 vendor I know of in the U.S. as a supplement at wholesale rates ($200(USD) for 1Mg!) It's also carried by scientific suppliers : Trosis , in Canada and Sigma Aldrich , in the U.S. I can certainly do more research on it . I've read about a dozen or so medical documents on the subject and many anecdotal reports on it . I tend to be more motivated to research once I have the compound on hand and I would suggest anyone interested to research this compound as much as possible . I am not a doctor and I cannot tell you with %100 certainty how safe it is or how to properly dose this compound , though I know for myself how I would administer it and would be glad to share my personal experience with this compound .
  • I've used myself as a lab rat in the past with compounds possessing a much greater potential for danger than the above , and I've always done my research and suffered no ill effects . I've kept away from risky behaviors like that for quite sometime and I feel very confident in the safety and toxicity profile  of Orexin-A . I've actually yet to find any unfavorable reports on Orexin-A , but I would love to see some because it almost seems too good to be true . Orexin-A seems to share a similar safety profile to Piracetam and would appear to be beneficial , I'm guessing more so than the latter , as Orexin-A is a naturally occurring compound .
  • Oh hey, are we talking oral or iv route?
  • No no not at all ! Intranasal . It's made in to a sterile saline solution possibly with a PH buffer to maintain solubility and preserve the product , possibly citric acid or something more appropriate and put into a nasal inhaler , this allows for very consistent dosages and is very convenient  .
  • I've definitely played around with the idea and done a touch of research on it. I have a few other irons in the fire, but I'll throw in 50 towards the order and once I can get caught up I'll also throw in some research time.

    A few things you might consider reading:

    This is a pretty good intro to endotoxins and why they matter when dealing with recombinant proteins.

    I'm not anti-china.. but once I ordered a batch of "Parylene" coated magnets than ended up being coated in a really nasty cytotoxic resin. Because cytotoxins most certainly can cause pronounced effects, I'd definitely be interested in what tests/assurances of purity etc. we could get.

    And another: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/drugs/guidancecomplianceregulatoryinformation/guidances/ucm338856.pdf

    This is an ok guide on Immunogenicity testing with an overview. Both are worthwhile to read before considering self-administration.

    Also, if you/we decide to go through with admin, have you considered what measures you'd like to test? I would think normal vitals (BP, HR, RR, Temp), add in perhaps blood sugar (it has metabolic effects), Daily weights.. Blood labs aren't too much and I believe you can have them performed w/o MD order.

    Example: http://www.walkinlab.com/catalogsearch/result/?order=relevance&dir=desc&q=complete+blood+count
    It's like 24$ bucks assuming this is a real site and there isn't some catch I'm missing.

    I'd probably at least go for a CBC, BMP, and perhaps a lipid profile.

    Cognitive tests would be a definite go to.
    I'm not sure what kind of testing would be appropriate regarding its effect on sleep and wake. I know someone who used to run a sleep lab though so I'll ask her if she has any ideas.

    In terms of administration, you might look into an MAD device like this:

    Basically, they attach to a syringe and you can atomize very exacting amounts in a fine mist that works better than snorting through a hundred dollar bill or spritzing.

  • Thanks for the lead Cassox, I think I could get into this and probably throw in $50 myself, just out of curiosity.
  • Thanks Cassox for all that great information . As far as everything aside from cognitive testing goes , I can at the very least get full blood work done on a monthly basis , as I have monthly doctors visits with labwork pending prior back problems . All of the lab information is made available to me . Concerning cognitive tests , I don't mind subjective testing , though it would be better for the community to have less anecdotal reports for example EEG readings , which I don't have access to EEG at the moment . I really like the MAD device it's certainly a lot more professional than re-purposing an Affrin bottle , and I have a medical device fetish :D
  • Also, I will never call anything endogenous again. From now on, proteins are the indigenous people of my body. The more I play around with EEG stuff... the less I like it. I mean, sure we'll probably get some change in signal in lead yaddah yadda, but wtf does it mean? Also, I really hate the system I have. Ughlll... That said, maybe.. I prefer an objective measure too... but EEG? Blech. I wish we could do PET or something.
  • Any update on this?  Did you guys go ahead with the group order?
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    doubt it, its a 9 month old dead thread, thanks for the necro.
  • You hush. Like you never necro'd a thread.... ;)

  • We'll I know it's a old thread but am intrested in what come from this and would be intrested Trailing the some
  • Same. As a tech support guy this interests me.
  • Sorry for the long delay. I didn't realize how extended my absence was. Anyhow, no I never got enough people interested/co-ordinated to go forward with it and I don't really have the funding to do it alone because it's quite expensive because it's very hard to synthesis peptides, as my vendor explains. Some things I have had the opportunity to experiment with over the past 9 months include: Adrafinil, Noopept, PRL-8-53, and Coluracetam. All to varying degrees of success or disappointment. The best of these compounds being Adrafinil and Noopept. With Adrafinil there was a very real increase in motivation and wakefulness. I can't really say that it functioned as a cognitive enhancer as it didn't really change the way I thought about or conceptualized things, but it did allow for faster though (not quite racing thoughts), so in that regard I would consider it a mild stimulant. The only downside was that it eventually became ineffective over the course of 2 months as tolerance built.
  • The Noopept, again, acts more like a stimulant, think coffee without the jitters. It was useful for giving a quick boost of energy. The effect of the Coluracetam was very subtle, but was probably the best in terms of cognitive enhancement and nootropic effect. I feel like it afforded me a better quality and clarity of thought than what is normal for me. The most disappointing of them all was the PRL-8-53. I feel like this one was completely over-hyped, and all over 1 scientific/medical journal/article. After I found out that the name sake of the drug ,P.R.L. , came from the name of the lab that created it, Pacific Research Labs, I figured that they were the ones pushing the effects and supposed benefits. In short the effects were completely over-hyped and at it's worst made me completely scatterbrained, it exacerbated the symptoms of my ADHD greatly. The worst effect being that it completely destroyed my short term memory while using it. While coding software to interface some ICs, in between looking at a single 1-byte hex opcode in the datasheets and minimizing the window to view my development environment, I would have to go back and forth at least 8-10 times to look the number up again because by the time I minimized the window I had forgotten what the number was, and it was usually something as simple as 0xA8, for example. Which the research articles by the company claim that it could increase non-sequential numerical sequence recall from the average, 7-9, to the godlike ,16-25 , if I recall correctly. In reality it destroyed my short term memory to the point where I could hardly recall a single number for more than a few seconds while using it.
  • Sooo.... I am still interested in doing a group buy of Orexin-A if I can get more people interested and can find an agreeable way to coordinate things. I would have to contact my supplier and check the current prices, which I would hope have gone down by now. So all who are interested, just let me know how much you are willing to put in, personally I can't do more than $50 at the moment, and I will see what kind of deal can be worked out with my vendor. At the time of my last correspondence with the vendor 200mg was the smallest amount available and that was at $340(USD), last year in August.
  • both of too much and too little of orexin can result in excess daytime sleepness(EDS) .
    we had better have a test to be sure which one  happens to us.

  • It seems like people are still interested in Orexin-A research. For those interested in doing a group purchase, I will be setting up an indiegogo page to fund the group purchase of 200mgs. The total cost is estimated to be about $390($340 for 200mg and $50 for shipping) more details are forthcoming, once I get the indiegogo page setup. My current estimate is subject to change, as I need to contact my supplier for updated pricing.
  • I guess you were right kenansulayman, $340(USD) for 200mg is a great price. I just emailed my supplier for the current price and it is now at $700(USD) per 200mg at 95% purity. I supposed the inflation in price is due to rise in demand, seeing as the last quote I gave was from September 2015. Regardless it can't hurt to start up a crowd sourcing page for a group buy.
  • Did you ever get any? I'm interested. I have been dealing with narcolepsy for a couple years and have recently gotten medication for it. It's a stimulant that does the job but I'm sick of the side effects.
  • Huh, just read the wiki page and this seems pretty interesting. I have a horrible sleep pattern so maybe this could help?
  • Status on this? I would join in.
  • Just a question. How would this be divided into dosage. Would that be up to the supplier, you, or us? With a dose that small I would be uncomfortable with anyone but the supplier dividing it. 
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