Diy tattoo (yes im cheap)

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First of all. I already know that i "should let the professionals handle it" so id rather not have anyone spam that at me. But im interested in giving myself a tattoo. Im wondering what might be the best way t go about it. And if ink from a ballpoint pen (a g2 for example) would be toxic or cause any problems. If anyone has any creative ideas or "cautionary word vomit" throw it at me i guess.

Thanks. (and if anyone knows a piercer or modder that would implant a magnet somewhere in northern or east VA that would be great)


  • I'm wondering why you're happy to go to professionals for the magnet implant but not for the much more mainstream idea of getting a tattoo?

    My advice, which you won't like, get the professionals to do it - and if you absolutely must DIY it, use the proper equipment and get training.
  • Please for the love of all that's holy do not use ballpoint pen ink for a tattoo
  • @garethnelsonuk first of al. I actually didnt even notice that. I do want to go to a professional for the magnet. But thats because its an actual implant. Therefore if i wanted to do that myself id need to make a hole deep enough to implant. For a tattoo all id have to do is cut a bit. Throw ink on it i guess. And the only problem i have woth that is my concern about the ink. Or if i should buy ink for it. Because skin heals. And pain isnt really a problem.
  • @electricfeel do you have a suggestion for the ink i should use then?
  • You can buy your own ink online for pretty cheap, just do a search for 'tattoo ink' and you can also get a tattoo gun on amazon for like $50 if you just want something that will get the job done. All of that said and done its cheaper than a normal tattoo depending on what you wanted to get done. But still worth the extra cost to have it done at a shop where you know things will be done the right way.
  • I'd like to point out that both getting a tattoo and an implant involve forcibly placing a foreign substance under the skin, just in the case of a tattoo you are injecting it into the dermis, and a magnet is beneath the dermis. Both carry risks of infection, damage to the area, and a potential hospital visit if something is done improperly. The potential cost of repairing the damage you may do in your efforts to minimize cost may end up being much more expensive if not done properly. Let a professional do it.
  • I know lepth anonym is probably satan to most of the people on this site. But to a certain point i think that this site needs a few more people who take a couple of risks. Maybe its common sense. But at the same time it gets kinda too much at times. Idk. Thats just me. Ill just look up the recipes for old tattoo ink. Maybe just make some myself. Thanks
  • We need more people who take risks to break new ground. @Benbeezy is going to implant a fairly large bone conductive Bluetooth implant in his head. That's risky, but if successful, it adds to the community knowledge of what we can do. If not, we know some more pitfalls to avoid. We don't need people taking risks with procedures that are already available to be done professionally by people with training just to save money. That's just me.
  • "For a tattoo all id have to do is cut a bit. Throw ink on it i guess."
    It's a few degrees more complicated than that, honestly. If you're gonna DIY this, do as much research as you possibly can. There's a world of difference between an educated risk and just haphazardly charging through with an idea. One can produce neat results; the other usually helps you score a neat urn.

    Manual stick and pokes have been common for a many years, but almost always are approached from a position of either ritual, faith, or spirituality. If saving a couple of bucks is your only driving desire for this approach, it might be worth revisiting your plan to see what you're actually looking to accomplish. What's your motivation, outside of cost reduction?
  • I looked up how ancient tattoo ink was made. And its very simple. And as for the procedure. Also pretty simple. I understand that it is important to stay safe and to use sterile tools etc. And its a personal thing. Im not trying to make an elaborate design with a knife or something on my own body just for the hell of it.
  • Thank you @bciuser I like to thing that I am helping out with the collective knowledge of the community :)

    A tattoo is NOT just a cut with ink thrown in it, you have to make sure you are going deep enough, but not to deep, and if you are planning on doing it that way then you are going to come out of it with a terrible looking tattoo. No one has asked yet, but what do you want a tattoo of? and are you doing it only for the cost benifits? Because your doctors bill will be more than the cost of a real tattoo, I can promise you that.
  • Like i just said. Nothing elaborate. My reasons for it are kind of complicated but i guess i can just say ive been through a lot. Also im an artist. So not necessarily a terrible looking tattoo.
  • No im not rushing into anything. Research is being done and im still just considering it
  • If you want to do it for the history and respect for that art, their are tattoo artists that still do that. I know its becoming popular to get traditional Japanese tattoos done by hand, with a needle on the end of a stick and then poke you thousands of times by hand. It really is amazing to watch. I would say you could probably go and talk to a tattoo artist and they might help you out or even let you use the shop (but doubt it) just so that you are safe. 
  • Maybe. I might consider that. And also lets all just forget that anything relating to being cheap is in the title of this post. Because it really has nothing to do with anything and im looking back and noticing it was a horrible idea to put that in the title. But anyway. I doubt anyone would "let me use the shop" if i was a professional at anything and someone walked in and asked to use potentially equipment. I doubt id allow them. So i dont really see that as a possibility. Ill find a way. Like i said im still only considering it and ill still let it sit for a while after ive made any decisions.
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    Aye, putting "Cheap" in the title was a bad idea.
    It sounds like you are combining your artistry with a desire to test your limits. Cool. That way, even if you end up with a scratch, there's a reason.
    Lepht is inspirational because it puts its money where its mouth is without question. If this puts in you the mindset for body mods that's great. Do a good job with this and practice safe techniques the whole way so you're prepared for the next big mod.
    Do your research on tattoos. Check out tattoo forums but I hear they're a cliquey bunch. See what other people have done in order to give tattoos at home. DON'T look at prison tattoo machines. DON'T call them tattoo guns.
    Good luck. Post results.
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    Thank you @MCSTUFF . You word things better than i do for one. Ill see how this idea goes and see if i want to. But i will be safe and i will do my research. Thanks again
  • (Quick note to those who do not know:  Lepht Anonym prefers to be
    referred to by the gender-neutral "it", and I will be referring to it by
    that here out of the deepest respect.)

    I want to mention that some people here likely really aren't big fans, but for me (and I know there must be others), Lepht is something akin to a rockstar.  How could anyone not absolutely love what Lepht is/does?  Can I condone all of its techniques?  No.  Have I followed some of them myself?  Proudly.  You'll see me here recommending good practices for use of antiseptics/sterilization universally (something Lepht has been perhaps a little lacking in).  Myself, I've always done as much as I can to get a clean and as-close-to-sterile-as-I-can-make-it operating field and equipment.  I also always recommend pain management, but I have never used it in any fashion, and I've implanted twelve times in myself (my first four m31 implants done via scalpel and sutures, all of which I removed because in my inexperience, I was convinced each was rejecting, a second round of four m31s done via needle, and four RFIDs, two of which are in novel locations).  It was in large part that Lepht could do what it does that convinced me I could do the same.  The "Cybernetics of the Masses" talk that it gave (find it on Youtube, those who are interested) was truly inspirational to me.  Couple that with reading alot here and some really great email correspondence with @Cassox (and reading his awesome blog), and I was all in.

    Regarding the diy tattoo, I totally get that.  If I ever want a tattoo myself, I'll be considering diy (though in the end I almost certainly won't do it myself because I am NOT a decent artist by any stretch of the imagination, and it seems to me that there's more than just the "technical" in tattooing.)  Others have posted some good advice above so I won't repeat that.  I do hope you'll show us the results.

    I do want to reiterate what I said earlier in this thread to those who might be reading this at some point in the future.  Please use good sanitization when you do mods of any kind.  And please, please, please think long and hard before you attempt anything without using pain management.  If you happen to jerk your hand or something because of a spike of pain while you've got a scalpel or needle in your flesh, you could do serious harm to yourself.  Lidocaine will make it so that you don't have that risk.  There is absolutely no shame at all in using pain management.  Seriously.  No shame at all.  It's the wisest thing to do to use it.
  • @aviin i agree with your view of lepht. Its such an interesting person and though its techniques are really dangerous. Lepht doesnt have all that much money to get all of the right equipment. Either way. Like i said a few times. Im still only considering it. If i do end up doing it i definitely will post the finished product.
  • @aviin, I changed my comment to reflect Lepht's gender neutrality. Good call.
  • As a man who got a tattoo at nine, I suggest just going all ghetto and using a pin, alcohol and pen ink. Probably wont do too bad of things to your skin.
  • I am hoping and praying that that was supposed to be funny... Meanwhile...

    *raises red flags*
  • I can tell you right now that the whole diy thing in regards to thinking I'm a good artist is a terrible idea for a few reasons.

    I think I'm a good singer but I've been told I suck and I'm ok...probably won't make any album soon.
    We bias what we think about our skills all the time.

    My sister on the other hand is. Tattoo artist and has made her own tattoo gun and given herself tattoos you really need to learn what you can do at least with a medium before using yourself.

    Also a lot of flee markets sell tattoo and ink check that out and it's not bad stuff just another market ( of course research the company selling or person)

    I would be careful with ancient inks they weren't all good for you.
  • First of all. @Meanderpaul i have been told im a great artist again and again. Im an artist and have been doing it my whole life. And my bias is actually opposite. Because i apparently think im worse of an artist than other people do. Second @nononichi im good. Thanks for the advice but id really rather not. Im not a felon. Plus im continuing to rethink the idea because of a couple modeling jobs im looking into and i dont want to lose an opportunity because of anything like that
  • can we just lock and delete this thread?  we dont need a thread about stabbing ourselves with bic pens and lighters to make prison tattoos.
  • Uhhhhh.... >_<

    Joke thread is joke thread
  • regardless if its a joke thread some ree-ree is gonna think this shit is serious and hurt themselves.

    im sure OP's mommy has told him how great an artist he is many times and how he could be a model...!
  • So, a community of people who are excited about self surgery are getting uppity about someone who wants to do a self tattoo? Cmon folks...
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