Introduction and Clarification before Implant

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Greetings Grinders,

I've been quietly cruising these forums since early 2012 when I learnt about the Biohacking movement, watching the progress and dedication you guys have has been a consistent source of inspiration!

I own and run a small Makerspace is Auckland New Zealand called Utopian Crafts, we are still setting up and haven't opened our doors yet but hopefully in the next few weeks we should be ready to launch. I personally specialise in 3D Printing and Modelling, I work part time in Art Department in the Film & TV Industry and I also Manage/Cook at an Italian Restaurant... Very busy!! haha. In my spare time I work on all kinds of odd projects, play around with Arduino type stuff and I'm also an Audio Visual Performance Artist.

I would be happy to offer my 3D Printing service to the community however due to my location it's probably not very helpful for too many of you. Although I can help a lot with information and design etc, if any one ever has any questions/ ideas let me know : )

I have been waiting for about 3 years to get a magnet implant and now that DangerousThings has designed and produced a custom magnet that many of you have implanted, tested and in turn recommended I am ready to take the next step. I have read EVERYTHING I could find on the forum and wiki and feel very confident with the required process. 

I have spent the last few weeks trying to track down a body mod professional in Auckland with subdermal experience, which has proven to be rather difficult, yet I have prevailed!!! He is very keen to research and learn the procedure and excited to do something unique (at least in our little part of the world).

Few Questions (that I ether couldn't find an answer to or need clarified):

Currently I am intending to get an M31 in my non dominant hand ring finger pinky side. Although I would kind of prefer an M36 as the magnetism/lifting aspect would be handy for me. However the general consensus is that the M36 is to large and not designed to be implanted in a finger correct? Does everyone agree with this?

My body mod artist is asking for documentation or any info of someone that has had one implanted for an extended period of time, I'm wondering who out of you guys has had a magnet implant for the longest time? Longest I found so far is 3 years (Dann Berg) but that was in 2012...

Is Cassox's documention still the recommended procedure at present - as an extended version of the Wiki (Standard Magnet Implantation Procedure)? 

Fourth and Final:
Regarding the symbol/logo on the front page of, who designed this? I can't find a thread, there is one I found from 2011 I think but this design was not in there. I'm just wanting some more info on this as it would make a beautiful tattoo : )

Anyway thanks so much to all of you for your time and effort!!


  • I don't have anything to really help you with but I will say that you are right it would make a nice tattoo. Good luck with your implanting. I should be putting my magnet in my hand within the next few weeks just waiting for my helper to come home ;).
  • Took me a while, but I found it! knew it had to be around here somewhere :) There was actually a conversation on using it as a tattoo some time ago. If I remember properly, the general consensus was that the thin lines would be a total PITA. I HAVE seen some rather exquisite line work in my life, however, so if anything I would highly recommend finding someone with a reputation for thin lines and geometry.

    So rad that you run a hackerspace over there! (amongst doing a billion other things. Heh, Sometimes I swear having hobbies can in itself be a hobby :) ) Thanks for the offer to contribute what you can! AHHHH and good luck with your first magnet!! :D so exciting! To answer your questions...

    Correct. It's a pretty big chunk of metal, and even if you do manage to have it placed I would be concerned about it interfering with daily life. The m31 is a great fit that won't cause issue, and the m63 can always find a home on the side of your hand instead. No need to only have one :) 

    Not quite sure who has had theirs the longest. It is still somewhat of a new procedure.

    I believe he plans to update it sometime in the near future, but for now it's the best go-to guide there is. The needle method has been popping up in popularity too as you've probably seen. While there are benefits, it's not as 'tried and true' if you will.

    Jack designed it, and it's been released here under cc

    Hope that covers everything :)
  • I don't have much to add, but regarding your first question, I do have 4x6 mm cylinders (slightly bigger than m36) in each of my ring fingers. They are big enough that they had to sit right under the pads of my fingers, instead of on the side. It definitely took a while to adjust to them, but I've had them now for a year and a half and they are just fine and not in my way at all. Although, I'm sure if I was doing a lot of rock climbing or playing guitar or something, then that might be different.

    The lifting power is great- I can usually pick up spoons at restaurants. They are strong enough, though, that if accidentally get stuck to a bigger magnet it can be pretty painful. I don't have an m31 for reference, but I'd guess my ability to feel fields is about the same.

    Hope this helped!
  • As a referance I used my m31 to pick up little bits and pieces all the time. Wired tons of projects while I had them in and it only helps. Fair warning, lifting shit can get painful depending on how that thing sits in your hand. Honestly unless you want to pick up spoons, which I dont suggest just go with the m31. I feel the 36 is just clunky and humungus overkill. Not to say it's a bad magnet, just too much, but to each their own. Also a word of warning, having things get stuck to you can get a bit annoying when crafting things. 
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    Awesome!! Thank you so much for tracking down the ‘sigil’. haha Obviously I couldn’t find it as I hadn’t thought to search the word sigil… and Yes I have a tattoo artist in mind that does amazing line work, very straight and clean. Will post a pic up for you guys some day when I get it. However my Magnet is coming first : )

    Never thought about having hobbies as being a hobby, but I like it!!!
    Yea I think you’re right the m31 will be the most suitable and I could always do a second implant later on. You have been very helpful thanks!

    Wow those are huge magnets dude!!! I’ve got quite smallish hands so I think it would never work for me. Plus I do parkour so couldn’t have them under my actually pads. Must have been very weird to get use to, but any way thanks for the input, you definitely answered my question.   

    Thanks for detailing your experience, you basically confirmed exactly what I have been thinking, which is nice as I now feel confident that the m31 is the right decision for me. 

    Best of luck with your up coming implant!!
  • @inventive Let us know how it goes. I'm down in Wellington but struggling to find anyone to do it here, and I'd be more than happy to fly up some time to get it done through whoever you're using if it goes well.
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