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    Your second Grab Bag video was given an article on

    December 2017
    • chironex
      Thanks for the heads up!!
  • Zwytechhacker

    Hey, so I read on youtube that you are bored of project transdermal, and that you'd be willing to share our research with people who want to pick it up and run with it. I am doing an experiment this year on a transdermal coating in vivo(specifically in mice). It would be a great help if you'd share your findings with me and in the unlikely situation that this gets published or gets big I'll make sure to credit you. If you'd like more details on the experiment I can email you them my email is: [email protected]

    September 2017
  • Cyrus
    So, leather from bacteria is way fookin cool man. Was wondering if theres been new developments too it.
    May 2017
  • Steelers
    Hi can you help me. Is there anyway I can hire a Biohacker to do some work for me?
    December 2016
  • Zwytechhacker
    how project transdermal doing

    October 2016
  • immortalite
    Checked out your YouTube must have an IQ of 200, sheesh ;-)
    May 2016
  • navigatorj
    As a suggestion, can I ask that whoever can, edit the color scheme of the website, so that inserted hyperlinks show up with a higher contrasting color?
    April 2016
  • louisville13
    Hey, was just wondering what your website was called, stumbled across it in the Hydrothermal carbonization and other nano particle work thread and couldnt find it. Thanks.
    September 2015
  • katy
    Hey, what's the URL of your YouTube channel?
    September 2015
    • immortalite
      Also looking for the URL as well. As well as your website. Very cool :-)
    • chironex
      The channel is called "The Thought Emporium"

      The url is different because the channel used to be called something else and it won't let me change it.
  • vladaxdujke
    why did you close my thread again. I even try to upload the photos from my google drive but did not come out right. It is not fair. Real body bio hack to be closed like some woo or whatever.
    June 2015
  • vladaxdujke
    great profile photo

    I wanted to say that I went through two major "bio hacks" in my life. One time when I broke my right hand and when I had long sharp metal in my chest for what you see inside of my right hand, on my right hand pulse. Really "bio" looking flesh that triangular and rhomboidal. On inside of my left arm on pulse I got like feelings or again some organ or something.
    I got nothing on my palms.
    May 2015
  • spiltwine
    Hi there....I was just checking out the new layout and then I came across your new *categories* post and then my pedantic nature was aroused and...well....there was a wee spelling mistake there and I thought it best to let you know. Sucks to be this way.
    February 2015
  • chironex changed his profile picture.
    September 2014
  • chironex changed his profile picture.
    August 2014