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So I've been following Biohacking for a while now, and I stumbled upon this site. I had actually already planned on getting an m31 magnet in my ring finger pinky side, but thought I'd have to drive to Arizona to get it done.
Not 8 hours after joining I learned one of the professionals from this forum actually lives about 15 minutes from me, and is willing to do it. So now I just have a few final questions for those with Specifically the m31 magnet from DT.

1. With lido, can you feel anything at all? Not pain wise, but pressure? or is it as if it's not even happening?
2. I planned on waiting 2 weeks to allow healing before using the magnet, is that a good healing period, or should I wait longer?
3. Has anyone noticed any degrade of strength of their m31 magnet over time? I've noticed others have, but nobody has said so with the m31.
4. If I place an RFID in the same hand, will I constantly feel the pull, or is there not enough ferrous metal in the RFID to be magnetic?
4.5 Will the Magnet interfere with the RFID?
5. Day after pain. scale from 1-10? 1 being "Ouch i pulled that hangnail above my finger further than I should have" 10 being "blurred vision, can't sleep, this demon has it's own heartbeat" pain

Also any funfacts or experiences are welcomed. I really can't wait to have it in, and I hope I have all of my nerves perfectly healed and able to mesh well with the new sense.


  • Im not as much of an expert as many others here, but I will try and answer them all.

    1. You should still be able to feel a generalised pressure, not so much from the finger itself but from the fact that things are being done to it, and the rest of your hand still has feeling. Does that make sense? If you mean "feel how hard I am pushing or how deep I am going" no, don't rely on feel to see how deep you are.

    2. Thats significantly longer than most last without playing with it, I personally would wait 30-40 days to ensure total healing though.

    3. You should see no degradation in strength UNLESS you autoclaved the magnet. Do not autoclave the magnet, it will lose its strength. Using it and having it in though, no. You will be dead before it demagnetises.

    4. You definitely will not feel the pull. Unless you are putting them in the same pocket?

    4.5. Again no, I am assuming you are going to be putting the RFID in a different location.

    5. No idea! Seems most people report a 3/10. Of course thats also coming from people who are willing/capable of performing surgery on themselves, so I imagine the pain tolerance of that group is somewhat higher than the average population. Pain is also entirely subjective.

    Just a suggestion, at least on my hand, the pinky side of the ring finger is totally exposed. Might I suggest the other side of the finger?
  • Hmm, Thank you for your answers!
    As far as your suggestion, i'll look into it. The idea was to have it where there was that opening. I wouldn't have to worry about bumping it against my other fingers for one while it's healing, But I liked the location because it was more open than anything else. I feel if I had it on the inside, that'd be one more layer of skin to go through, which likely wouldn't make that much of a difference, But so far it's what i've been adamant on.
    But I will keep an open mind.
  • What do you mean one more layer of skin to go through? It should be at the same depth regardless.

    Bumping it against your other finger should be of little concern, I would be more worried about tapping the exposed side against a hard object.
  • I just had mine done on the 22nd, 

    1) didn't feel a thing in my finger once the lidocaine started working, though the lidocaine injection itself did hurt (4 or 5 on a scale of 1-10, but it was very brief)

     2) I lasted about 1 1/2 weeks before I gave into the temptation to use it, but now that I've got it out of my system I'm trying to hold off until the healing is more complete, at least until day 21, but I'm going to go off of how it looks more than a specific day. 

     3) haven't had it long enough to answer this one 

    4/4.5) from everything I've read up on about it, no. (not an expert but I've been doing a lot of reading about rfids and magnets on this forum over the past couple of months) 

    5) 1? I was taking 800mg of ibuprofen every six hours for the first three days and have a very high pain tolerance to begin with though. Accidentally hit it a few times today when using the turn signal in my car (first time behind the wheel since the procedure, will be more careful next time), and that did hurt a bit, but that still was only maybe 1.5. Definitely be careful not to bump/hit it, especially during the first few days. 

     I got two and one of them is in the ring finger pinky side, the other is in the middle finger pinky side and the middle finger gets fewer bumps.
  • Thanks for the input!
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    Lido is just awesome. You cant feel a single thing! My pinky only hurt the remaining the remainder of the day, with a little headache (but i think this is because of the whole day itself). Felt nothing starting the next day
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