Bluetooth LE bone conductive implant.



  • UPDATE: the magnets coated in atom adhesives is still in my hand and looks just fine. I have no issues at all. no reaction, no tenderness, nothing. So I'm going to let it go for another month to be 100% sure (that will be 3 full months)

    I also have gotten some very small bone transducers that work amazing. I got 50 of them, so I should have enough to test different ways of doing coatins to make sure I get the best volume out of it, and if I have extra when I am done I'm going to make multiple BLE emotion hearing devices and give them to whoever wants them :)  as long as I have extra might as well make sure of it!
  • I'm interested in transducers, how big are they?
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    I'm up for a transducer. Don't like wires touching my skin, even on bluetooth headphones there's some wire touching my neck.
  • I could use a couple, for me and my partner.
  • I'm also interested in a couple of them
  • As am I. Perhaps we could organize a group buy?
  • Yes, I would prefer two, but as you were giving them away, didn't want to be cheeky. I was expecting to pay some postage, I wouldn't mind paying something more though.

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    @ChilliEye, I would be willing to just buy them from BenBeezy, if he has them for sale. It works out to about $5.80 a piece from aliexpress, so I would be more than happy to pay a premium, 6, 7, 8 bucks a piece? That way he could at least make his money back.

    @ElectricFeel, it looks like the transducers are about 1.25 centimeters from the looks of the picture.
  • I have also found these in aliexpress

    And these

    Any thoughts?
  • And the bidding war begins...
  • Me as well.
  • I'm in for a group buy.
  • image

    This is how big they are, I can get some pretty decent sound out of them, with out any kind of amping up the signal.
  • How big is the bluetooth element?
  • the bluetooth part of it is also super small image

    That is a #15 blade up in the top so you can kinda tell that its super small
  • @BenBeezy, so are you taking orders or shall we officially organize a group buy?
  • It'd be awesome if you could sell a full device, especially if already coated and ready to sterilise+implant.
  • I am planning on selling full devices once I have mine done and implanted for a month or two, just to make sure its safe (ish) But as of right now I just have a lot of parts. I ordered 50 for I think $350 so if any of you guys want some thats the rough pricing, just PM me and I can send them in an envelope.
  • Quick question. How do you plan on charging it, post implantation?
  • Induction I would assume....
  • Yeah I have an induction coil and charger that magnetically 'clips' on to the implant. Charging (weirdly enough) had never been an issue for this implant.
  • How long does it take to charge? I would have concerns if it took to to long.
  • I will be charging it while I sleep, so I dont think it will be an issue, but it charges up in like 15ish minutes, the battery is pretty small so its not a big deal
  • I am more concerned about the skin between the device and charger getting pinched and as a result rejection.... How long would you say a battery will last?
  • the battery lasts a good 12 hours at least, I have been playing around with different batteries to try and get the best for size. the normal 35mha lasts me about 8 hours of solid connection and about a week in standby so I am looking at around a 50-75ish mha battery to make it well through the day of hearing a data stream 
  • Okay thank you....
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    Any updates on this? I would definitely like a tiny bone transducer or two...

    ALso, If you let me know the sizes of the new componets, I might, *might* be able to machine a mold out of Stainless or aluminium  at work before this grindfest.
  • I'm also interested in an update
  • @Benbeezy any updates on your implant? Also I may have missed it in the thread but does the implant work as a mic? 
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