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Talk To Local Folks! Where Are You From? Wanna Start A Collective?

Hey, everybody!  I was perusing through some of the older threads and I noticed that there does not seem to be any easy way to get in touch with any local biohacker or grinder collectives in your area, aside from making a thread like this.  I thought I saw something about a Slack account but I got the impression that that was only for the Staff.  Does anyone have any better ideas about how a centralized group list could be created?  Add one to the wiki, create a sticky thread with the info of the groups, something like that perhaps?  

But I also wanted to start a thread that would help to accomplish the same goals.  I want to meet ya'll and get to work creating some insane future tech with my fellow transhumanists!  So where are you from?  Let's talk about it.  Are there any groups in your area?  What do they do?  Are they like a social club?  Or are they actively working on things and shun members who don't?  Where are you? What are you up to and what are the groups around you up to?

My name is Trent Ryan Katzenberger aka The Diabetic GameMaster.  I live in Bradenton, FL, USA with my Wife, Hope.  I haven't been able to find any active local communities near me yet, but there has to be SOMETHING.  Bradenton is around an hour South of Tampa and about 2 and a half hours South East of Orlando, so there has gotta be someone doing something neat in this swamp hell, but I have yet to find them.  I have no active projects of my own atm, aside from contributing my knowledge around the boards, although I am very excited to get my first implant soon.  I will be going with either a magnet of a Firefly Tattoo.


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  1. I'm in Sarasota but I haven't heard of anything around here either. Some way to organize groups would be awesome.
  2. I'm in The Netherlands, Breda. Haven't met anyone really around me either. Guess people from my town are too narrow minded ;) lol
  3. Maybe creating an IRC just to hang out and talk? Or like an App kind of chatroom where people can create own rooms within it? Not an expert on apps and stuff
  4. The best would be to create a map with all our location on it. But I'm afraid that still we would cover too much ground to meet or even to centralize the group 
  5. Try to stay local. If moving around happens, it starts messing with things. Sometimes the metrics that are viable for one city aren't viable for another. Also, intentional communities get a bit complicated.

    There are quite a few threads that are about this topic. Do a search for your region and pm the people, or start a new thread about your area if anyone hasn't yet.
  6. I AM in the process of exploring what it'll take to make a useful member, lab, and collective directory :) What kind of things do ya'll think would make it useful? Just installed a Map functionality so labs/collectives can display both their location, and where members are all from (it has fuzzy options, so you can just use city or state or country for obvious privacy reasons). I also just started exploring event management for folks to schedule group get togethers and the like. Is there some functionality people think would be super great to add on? I'm trying to think of a way to help search/filter labs and members by skillsets, and right now a tag system seems to be the best approach but perhaps it's too nuanced a thing to really be useful? Thoughts?

    It still needs a lot of polish and currently lives on my workbed, but it's getting closer to release! It sounds like there's a lot of interest in something like this, so I might explore some plans for a beta run just to see how it works in practice. If you have some ideas, throw them at me!
  7. I have a few people who have asked me about biohacking at my college....
  8. I'm in sacramento california... would love to hang out if anybody is near me . i know cass is near l.a. last i heard, but that's a bit of a drive i'd like to take a few "official" days off work to hang out that far out. if there's anybody closer let me know :) 
  9. Dragon5 - you know I'm in Citrus Heights, lol. Just don't sleep in and miss my calls like last time!
  10. haha. i totally forgot you were here !  and yeah. i felt so bad... you actually stayed outside my house for like 40 minutes ...  :/  
  11. I actually set my alarm for 30 minutes and took a nap. Lol, it was too early for me. I actually have a friend now in that same complex, I was just over there yesterday.
  12. oh shit. we should do a poker night or something! 
    is your friend into grinding or ?
  13. Sweden..  -_-
  14. I'm from Switzerland. So we are basically in the same country ;)
  15. chickendiner: Err... Only to americans.
  16. They both start with s
  17. That's right in between Morocco and Egypt, right? XD California Bay area here. ^^
  18. +1 for the Bay Area
  19. East Texas? Anyone?
  20. Fargo, ND
  21. Anyone from eastern North Carolina, USA
  22. KillDeer North Dakota. If anyones traveling through, im down to have guests. Long as i keep my apartment
  23. Detroit, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona

  24. Italy anyone?
  25. @Darthchedar  

    what part or NC? i may be visiting north wilkesboro later this year. 
  26. Dallas. Anyone? Would really like to meet someone else. 

    The majority of my friends have no idea I'm into biohacking/ have any implants at all. 
  27. For all of ya'll in the south eastern US you should come hangout at scihouse! We're based out of Jacksonville florida
  28. Portland, Oregon, apparently far, far away from most of you guys.
  29. There are at least two of us besides you in Portland!
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