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  • There is a Cochlear Implant Hybrid (made by Cochlear and Med-el has a recently approved one as well) which has a short electrode that only enters partway into the cochlea this preserving low-frequency hearing below 1khz. It still damages everythin…
  • Basically, they jam a metal pole in your femur/tibia, and then stick a leg on the end of it. It also has a breakaway rotator so that if too much rotational pressure is applied So it doesn't break your bones (kind of like a torque adjuster on a drill…
  • A prosthetic leg with an air bladder device Can be found here: http://www.amputee-center.com/pump.htm Here is the revolimb, which is an adjustable socket via inserts and cabling: https://www.clickmedical.co/store/revofit/Revo The IPOP, "Immed…
  • Okay, here is a pic of a hearing aid, direct input shoe, and attached FM receiver. These aren't my hearing aids (I would not be caught dead with beige ones, mine are purple) but the setup is the same. http://www.hmi-basen.dk/en/blobs/orig/12674.…
  • True, but can my smartphone transmit FM (without some other thing attached to it?) The shoe uses a direct connection and is powered by the hearing aid batteries. I will go grab some pics!
  • No, while I have fairly little experience with upper extremity prosthetic devices compared to lower extremity, the load bearing weight of a UE prosthesis is nothing compared to a LE prosthesis. Also, in both cases, you have to have a way to keep …
  • I do have the option of purchasing a shoe that sticks on the end of the hearing aids (they are the behind the ear style) of which can be affixed a small FM receiver. Could such a setup be modified to connect wirelessly to a smartphone?
  • How's it going! I'm a below knee amputee. For a socket (the thing your leg goes in) to be comfortable, it has to put very specific load bearing pressures on anatomical areas which can tolerate said pressure, while putting less pressure on anatomi…