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  • I just tried to provide the info under that fact that some people will try and without knowledge failure on this is unavoidable. of course i agree go with the beaten path, go with the method others use.
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  • http://www.lidocainepowder.com/10-Grams-Lidocaine-HCl_c_7.htmlhttp://modernsurvivalonline.com/guest-post-how-to-make-injectable-lidocaine-hcl/ Check these sources
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  • @Basile, honestly, anesthetic is a great route. If you're not good with pain, and you're try to stick a scalpel into your finger, you're likely to make a mistake, and mistakes at that point aren't good. If you don't have the money for the lido, wait until you do. this is not something you need to rush. do as much research…
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  • I used the PMK from dangerous things here. Look up how to do a digital nerve block. 100% no pain the whole time. 
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  • Yah, you're right. I'm just being paranoid lol.
  • so im noticing a dark spot near my magnet but is looks more like a bruise and its faint, im almost positive it's not oxidation, but im afraid im wrong.
  • thats good lol. so i was reading it can take a few months before i start feeling the "sixth sense" is that correct? because i dont feel anything yet haha. also im wondering if i placed my magnet far enough away from the incision, the magnet is 3mm in diameter and i placed its edge closest to the incision 6 mm from the…
  • you know whats funny? the sport where i put my tournicate hurts more than my implant. is this normal? lol
  • just generally concerned. i may have brushed it with the scalpel handle but i rechecked it and there werent any scratches. 12 hours later and no signs of a rupture, and im pretty sure bodily fluids will oxidize it quick.
  • If I happened to rupture the coating , how long will it take for me to notice it?
  • my only concern, is that the point of incision is not the most refined cut. i feel bad about it but worst case scenario ill have a scar.
  • will do lol. the nerve block was a very good idea, as I was able to make the incision and pocket calmly without hurting.
  • Will do. I would be able to tell at the moment as the area of the pocket is slightly bruised. It doesn't hurt too bad though. Hopefully everything goes well and I don't have to remove it.
  • Also, if i did accidentally scratch the magnet, is it guaranteed to lose the coating? how soon will i know?
  • this was not as easy as i thought. its took a bit to get the magnet to go in properly but i got it, without scratching up the magnet. i hope it heals ok. the incision wasnt as clean as i would have liked but i didnt do too bad of a job. the lidocaine is starting to wear off lol. i closed it but some blood seeped for under…
  • yes, the scalpels I have are #11. what I meant in the OP was that, in the videos they don't make an incision and then a pocket, they just stab and boom lol. I was asking if that's a more advanced method than a two step process.
  • so everything has come in except the lidocaine kit, but it will be here tomorrow morning. ill be setting my magnets in saline today to see if the coating is compromised. the anticipation is really starting to build now. i have to pick up a few sterilization things at the store but it's all almost ready. I've been…
  • I think the prolem with sugru is that it breaks down over time, not really suited as an implant. as far as the rest im not sure
  • I think ill stick with the parylene as well, in @cassox post about developing a better coating he said that the surface of the resin is porous, which is begging for bacterial growth. if the parylene gets damaged at least there is a way to tell. have people with just parylene had any success? on another note my magnets came…
  • @mothball , you have been more than helpful, and i appreciate it greatly. my procedure is a bit different, but I'm confident. and when you say sani-wipes , which do you mean? do I really need to coat with dental resin? and if I do, how long should i soak it after its cured? I know @cassox has started against the dental…
  • ok, awesome! i think ill put my order in tonight. It seems the best method.In your experience how long did the actual procedure take? from cut to close?
  • @mothball , with the lidocaine kit it has sterile saline, is that to dilute the lidocaine?