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  • not an expert, but that bulge seems way too big. Just logically that would be a pressure point once implanted. It should be a equal thickness all around. Are those bubbles inside or outside?
  • he is shipping me a replacement (before I return mine).
  • Some sort of body chemistry change(r) seems to help. I know the NHS is garbage, but I would try asking for a Rx muscle drug or stimulant. Im not sure quite how bad it is over there care wise, but you could try literally asking for some drug. From wh…
  • I would certainly use bluetooth to connect the glasses exclusively. You can fit a lot in the frame and arms of a glasses. My main idea would be around the hinge, but I'm not really sure. The issue I see is getting something to be on or in the ear th…
  • @AlexSmith Also interested in testing or buying just about anything that puts out some lumens
  • (Image) Ok, this is my idea So you couldn't put the driver anywhere on the ear cartilage, so I think it would go on the inside of the Tragus. A1 sound quality super sketchy implanted wire to behind the ear. A coil back there to recieve power and p…
  • I just ordered one of them too funny thing is the only NFC thing I have is a phone, I just wanted a light implant What do you call a low calorie light made out of carbon fiber? a light light lite
  • Not viable forever (robot hands will probably come before it is a good idea) because a liquid would simply be worse. 1.They currently have magnetized iron magnets not neodymium. Considering even medium-high grade rare earth (neodymium) magnets are n…