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  • Has anyone had any success with QI charging any implant batteries. I'm thinking something like a magnetic charger similar to my phone that does QI charging. An led should be able to be powered for several hours with just a 5-10 minute charge to a …
  • @Satur9 I take it your magnet is from dangerous things? Just trying to gauge strength here, how many paper clips can you lift with that thing? Also, where did you choost to put them?
  • I have the spark 2 on the top of my left forearm. I picked a spot where I could still read it without having to remove my watch since I wanted to use it to unlock my phone. I've been having a mixed result with it. I've only gotten it to read spor…
  • Any thoughts on using tritium gas? It's safe enough for key chains, but has a glow that's fairly bright and needs no outside light source to charge it. Most tritium sources will glow for anywhere between 10-20 years
  • Mostly to windows, but I'm also reading there are some likely firmware updates I'll need too. My biggest concern is bricking my chips, and since they're implants... That would be bad lol
  • I just had 2 chips done yesterday, both in the web area next to the thumb. One has very minor bruising and doesn't hurt, the other has no bruising and only hurt for the morning, the day after. Both chips were done with the injectors. I'm looking for…
  • Just wanted to give an update. Cassox did my implants and I wanted to say Thank you. It was a great experience! Very professional and clean even though he's doing an extensive retrofit and I can't wait to do my next set with him as well. Next ste…
  • As an EMT I second that. The first thing I was ever taught was BSI, scene safe. It only takes a second to take reasonable precautions so we can bio hack for years to come.
  • I see it's been a few months from the post date. How do you feel about the implant now? Also, what happens when you change banks?