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  • Mine is going great. I kinda forgot it was there. The only people to really notice it have been two who were sleeping next to me and noticed it shining in the back of my neck. No one has noticed it in the wild and most have a hard time seeing it in any kind of light whatsoever. I would love to do any "beta" testing on any…
  • The placement of mine makes it very difficult for me to say much as I have never seen it myself. I was starting to get a little down as no one appeared to be able to see it unless they squinted really hard while staring between their cupped hands in a pitch black room. So the one night I tried flipping it (not sure how…
  • I thought it was ascertained that there was no risk of cancer with these? Are there new findings? Or are you just being cautious? I realise that it is experimental and one can never be 100% sure. I am a tad concerned with mine being so close to my brain! However I am a smoker and have lived quite the party lifestyle in my…
  • It has been a royal pain trying to clean it and apply these plasters. They have this gelloid stuff that "integrates" with the wound, keeping it moist and allowing the skin to heal without scarring. But getting them dead centre is a mission as they are thick so I have to place my finger on the wound and then retract it…
  • So far it's going well. The wound is healing nicely. I asked a friend to check in the dark on Friday and she did not think she could see anything. I have been cleaning it nightly and putting a special plaster on to try and avoid scarring, and while doing so checking in the mirror. Tonight I can see a faint glow from about…
  • Ok. I can hear it rattle when I towel dry my hair. Strangely, I find it kinda pleasing. The knowledge that there is this thing inside me, that makes interactions with my body via movement. Or whatever. If that makes sense? It's like an added benefit. I have yet to see how it glows. Although I suppose that might take some…
  • Yeah. My friend is a doctor and implanted it for me. He did apply some local anaesthetic though. Said he has no idea how any of you did it without anaesthetic as he struggled quite a bit to get the needle in. And he does those birth control implants regularly. So far there is minimal swelling and only some slight bruising.…
  • My v2 is in! Finally! Tried to attach an image but it won't let me upload nor will it take the imgur link..
  • Yeah. The poor reviews were bothering me as well. But I had the cash spare as 2 became available so I sprung for it. Hoping it works out well. IIRC @Zerbula was having some issues with brightness but it came right after much healing.
  • My V2 is really bright inside the syringe. Here is a pic of me holding it while standing in my lounge. The overhead light is on. But my back is to it so there is some shade cast. this picture does not even do it justice. I have not had it implanted yet but will provide feedback once that is done!
  • That sounds good! Mine is very visible in a room with all the lights on if I hold it in the shadows. But it is not implanted yet. Should be going in this coming week hopefully.
  • 3 feet is better than no feet I guess! haha
  • Hi @Zerbula I just got my V2! My doctor friend will be hopefully implanting for me in a few weeks. I just want to know: 1. Would you say that you placed your implant in or beneath the dermis? The instructions for RFID implants are a little vague on this. 2. Do you think getting if 'Higher' (between the…
  • I'm not a doctor, but maybe something like Arnica oil. They use it for sports injuries (muscles & joints). Or vitamin-e oil for tissue restoration although I think that is more for the surface. Maybe coupled with an oral anti-inflammatory?
  • Oh I am happy to hear this! Still waiting on mine to arrive. Should be implanting in about 5 weeks. Still not showing up on a photo?
  • Fair enough. I guess not having had a V1 myself it won't be much hassle to compare. However this thing cost a pretty penny after currency conversion (nearly a month's rent!) so it is a bit disheartening to hear that it is not as great as we were led to believe.
  • What can you say of the brightness? Did you have a v1 for comparison? Any chance of a pic?
  • Heh. @Semilovr12 @bentpins this is a little worrying! Maybe I should have waited for the second batch! I am curious what everyone else who bought one has to say! May just wait a while before implanting mine.
  • I can help you lock the sheet down if you want. I did one for people to input magnet orders and they are only allowed to edit certain fields. although, unfortunately they can edit each other's input. No way around that really.
  • Can anyone tell me how the item ships? I opted to use my global shopper accoutn for shipping from the US as it is literally half the price of what USPS charges. I see now, though, that they don't allow needles.
  • YAY!! I just ordered! I was still dithering about the cost before the next batch but now I was like, gimme! Stupid miner fees on BTC payments tho. Waiting confirmation ugh.
  • Thanks for the update @AlexSmith! Last question. When will the second batch be ready? I have managed to save up and am ready to put one of these babies in me!
  • Hi Everyone, I got the final pricing from the supplier, it has gone up a tiny bit. Please check the pricing on the sheet. If you are still happy with the price and would like to confirm your order, please go to the sheet and choose 'YES' on the far right. We still have a problem with 10 magnets that were claimed by an…
  • Hi earjay, * 3mm diameter x 1mm thick * +/-0.1mm tolerance * Each magnet's north and south pole are on opposite 3mm diameter faces * Each magnet can support a steel weight of up to 0.19kg vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface * Excellent resistance to de-magnetisation * Titanium…
  • If any of you tried to amend the sheet, you may not have been able to. I screwed up the permissions. It is fixed now.
  • i just realised that someone from Antigua and Barbuda has put in an order for 10 magnets, but not put any other details. Please could you update the sheet with a name or something so that I can contact you. Or PM me here.
  • Okay everyone. The minimum order has been fulfilled. I am going to request an official quotation from the supplier and work out your individual shipping costs. I will then send you each a 'quote' with your requested quantity on through the course of today and you can confirm your order. If everyone is still happy with…
  • Hehehe! Quite!
  • I would enjoy knowing that anyone walking behind me on a dark dark night might see a green dot floating about in front of them. I feel it would almost be like a power light on any device. I like that idea. I will think long and hard about placing it there once I have one in hand. the point I am thinking of might be rather…
  • I am going to have it put in my neck. Just under the hairline at the back. If there is enough skin there. I have a doctor friend who is willing to do the procedure. He is a little skeptical about it but I have given him all of the info that came up around the V1 and he is comfortable enough to do it as I am making an…