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  • @S0lll0s there are also things like Veil Evasion to get around AV programs if you happen to use the meterpreter options
  • @Umutof for an example you could use the meterpreter option to generate an apk, you'd have to create it with the correct IP and port settings for your specific setup
  • @Lelouch you could use a live version of Kali Linux to start
  • @Jupiter You wouldn't necessarily have to use the chip for anything other than a catalyst for the full effect. So if you had an ssh session configuration on your implant (or waiting in a package ), and used that to open a tunnel to a device that's on the network 8hrs per day, theoretically you could use that as an entry…
  • @IvoTheSquire I'm probably doing this wrong but it doesn't seem to be letting me reply directly to you. If you were only using the other phone, you could pull off the same procedure, however it would require much more pretexting and technical prowess and has a greater chance of failure. (maybe you could break their…
  • @actii Thanks! Edit: Apparently I can't answer both questions at once haha The reason would be that I'm super into cybersecurity and finding loopholes in systems. The advantage of this approach is that it cuts out a lot of time where you might bring up red flags in the victim. Imagine asking to use a phone and typing away…
  • Has anyone done talks on the use-case of NFC/RFID implants for penetration testing / Hacking? I've created a URL holding a malicious apk that automatically downloads to any phone that scans my chip, and calls back to an interpreter. Since there is no security on the smart device side of NFC (that I know of at this time),…