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  • @AlexSmith Okay, purely out of curiosity, how fast does hot glue break down inside the body? I am not saying that I am going to do this. I won't. But I am interested. 
  • That sounds ridiculously expensive...
  • Well, I guess it doesn't matter anyway, because I just found out you can't electroplate anything with stainless steel. Looks like I'm at plan b with Benbeezy's epoxy. But thanks for your help guys. Also, JohnDoe, don't weld galvanized steel either. I have some experience in welding too. :D
  • @JohnDoe I will look into that. Do you think the stainless steel is an acceptable choice for a coating though?
  • @JohnDoe To test my coating, I am going to plate two or more magnets (as many as needed for testing, and a final one for implanting). As said by Adam Savage, “The difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.” So, based on that, I will record my procedure for every magnet I plate. After I finished…
  • What about electroplated stainless? Stainless steel is used in many medical implants, and if I electroplate a relatively thick coating on, I would think that would work. Any thoughts? Edit: I know its pretty difficult, but I have lots of lab experience. I am 99% sure I can do it, and if it turns out I can't, I won't risk…
  • Thank you all for the quick replies. I guess I will be buying a pre-coated magnet, because as @chironex pointed out, I have not had experience building these types of systems. I appreciate the help from everyone. When the m31 is back in stock, I'll snag one. Thanks again! --Sam
  • @JohnDoe I'll buy a titanium nitride magnet if I have to buy a pre-coated magnet. Where can I get the cheapest? My whole thing is doing it myself or spending the least amount of money on *quality* parts. Thanks for the information andI hope you get your chamber up and running soon.
  • Where does one get TiN? And do I just electroplate it on?
  • That was my concern with gold. Any other ideas? I did look at the wiki and saw that sugru won't work either.
  • Ok. Thank you for the quick reply and information. When it comes to the money, could afford a coated magnet, but I'd rather not buy one unless there is no other way. Are there any other methods of diy bio-proofing? What about electroplated gold? Thanks again!