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  • Last time I was in ninjaflower they told me they don't do those implants any more. Let me know what they say -- if they might be doing them again I could go and get mine put in finally.
  • In the interest of getting this prototyped quickly, it may be worth looking at AWS' ML stuff. It's a "throw it data, tell it what you expect, it gives results" type deal. I haven't worked with it personally but the APIs and things look simple. Also, Coursera had running, which may…
  • @inventive Let us know how it goes. I'm down in Wellington but struggling to find anyone to do it here, and I'd be more than happy to fly up some time to get it done through whoever you're using if it goes well.
  • The bioreactor thing has come up before. I understand the industry is doing the whole "Everything costs a lot because everything buying it is rich", but what do hackerspaces (the biohacking kind) do for this? I presume bioreactor is fairly essential tech? Do they just fork out and pay a lot, or are there opensource ones…
  • Isn't the Wiki a better place to put all of this kind of information?
  • Being a diabetic, I've thought about it a lot, but I doubt anything you could build yourself would beat the commercial systems in safety, quality, utility, etc. There's a big drive given how prominent Type 2 is. Also, when someones blood glucose gets low, I'd hope you wouldn't give them a dose of insulin :P
  • I acetone'd one of my cards here - Interesting thing to note at this stage is that it's a little different to the ones others have posted, and more importantly, some of those traces were broken and it still scans fine. I may play around with disconnecting as many of those traces as I can and…
  • I'm going to spend some time this weekend trying to remove the NFC interface from our chip-and-pin cards here in New Zealand and see if I can keep them in a readable state. Probably will play around with those tiny wires and see if we can remove em by soldering just a tiny bit on instead or whatever.Hopefully by this time…
  • Seems easier to just have it contact an API rather than use a local barometer, more accurate and all that
    in Arduino Comment by ss23 May 2015
  • I've got non biohacking projects going on. Why do you ask?
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  • Sounds like some smart people! Is the content going to be available online for people who can't make it?
  • Is medical tape standard procedure for this? Like, if you tell the person "I have a magnet in my finger", would they tape, or shield it or do whatever you suggested? Is it the kind of thing that would be torn out during a proper MRI, or just hurt really bad after?
  • The Circadia always make an attention grabbing picture!
  • I think Cassox just volunteered to teach some classes on surgery, anatomy, human biology?
  • Implanted one of @AlexSmith's chips -- Bit of effort to get the cloning to work (looks like it's a little deep?), but was okay in the end. I would suggest though that you clone the access card *before* implanting, because it's going to be a lot easier to test it like that. You…
  • ss23 from New Zealand! I actually went over to Grindfest in cali, but if you guys time it right, I'd love to see a similar thing in Australia too (though lets face it -- a chunk of land, lab complete with surgical unit? I don't think anything in AU could compare to the awesomeness that happened over there). On that note,…
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  • I also got an implant done on stage -- Ended up doing it for a conference in Perth, Wahckon (so far away where all the people who actually do this stuff are, right?). One of the RFID's that lets you clone cards. Highly recommend doing an implant live on…