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  • thanks guys... I guess the best would be if i could find a way to make injectable capsaicin. I'm wary of injecting capsaicin made for consumption. Reminds me of the woman who injected vegetable oil into her face as DIY plastic surgery... a very bad result. There was a biotech company developing injectable capsaicin for…
  • Hi guys... Do you know where I could get human-grade Capsaicin either in a liquid / cream / patch etc. form? the strongest version available for human use as of now is the Qutenza Patch (8% capsaicin, Rx.) I can't really use that for my project because they are expensive and you have to have a doctor apply it on you at the…
  • Yeah I agree, gene mod is probably the best way to go, but the major problem is, we don't seem to have the technology for humans except embryos... sigh But if anyone can prove me wrong, shoot ;)
  • @ivothesquire oh ok, so is this like you apply the electrical stimulation, pain turns off, and you can go for a few years or whatever being pain-INsensitive, and when you feel like becoming pain-Sensitive again, you go get another electrical stimulation and voila? That would be pretty cool ;) And Yup an on-and-off switch…
  • @ivothesquire This seems like a temporary pain control approach, like the effect would wear off on its own? Can it be permanent?
  • Thanks @Cassox ! That's so nice of you :) I'd appreciate any kind of help in designing this experiment! ultimately I would like this to be for the entire body, and not local... but yea...it's probably a good idea to test locally first, huh?.. This is the one about intrathecal Resiniferatoxin (sorry, not Capsaicin, but…
  • true, trigger for hypoalgesia would be better :) Some of the congenitally-pain-insensitive people are pain-insensitve because they have a constant high level production of internal opioid, so ideally if a normal person can get 75% of that... then he/she achieves constant hypoalgesia, I guess! There are also people who got…
  • Yea that's true. If it's permanent then it will probably cause serious problems! So I guess this is for people who don't mind serious problems :P