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  • @BEAN I was in a similar situation as yo. Get it removed for your own safety. It sucks but it's relieving once it's out. You can see my post here describing it and look at what the magnet looks like after 1 1/2 years here
  • 1 1/2 year update: noticed a lack of sensitivity and blackening of the tissue. I was dreading taking it out but I knew it was the responsible thing to do. I'm very glad I did as any longer and the coating might as well have well not been there. Finger pre-removal: Magnet post-removal:…
  • I actually have some PMMA and TiN magnets. I’m wondering I could make my own mold and coat them myself and save the $100 for a secondary implant.(Since I know my first is probably going to fail within the next year)
  • @Cassox I’m guessing the thing you read was me. I guess I got lucky or my body is pretty resilient to nickel. I don’t like relying on luck so I do what I can to minimize the stress the finger has to endure (I work in retail, so I do heavy lifting with gloves, as well as working out.)
  • @dr4gon You’re more than likely fine. In fact, you probably just experienced your first magnetic sensation so congrats! I can only speak for my TiN costed magnet but it probably didn’t flip at this point in the healing procedure. I assume you have a MacBook and from what I’ve felt, the magnets in the lid aren’t extremely…
  • I have similar issues. I don’t think it’s rejection, but you probably did something on accident to disturb it (I work in retail, I find if I don’t wear my gloves when handling heavy freight, there’s a high chance of my finger being slightly inflamed for a bit)
  • @Satur9 I don’t think it has to do with Human’s being “a perfect creation from God.” As there’s countless flaws of the human body left over from our evolutionary past such as our eyes; all the nerves are “plugged in” backwards to our rod and cones, as well as the giant blind spot we all have. Additionally, why is…
  • I still have quite a few TiN from SuperMagnetMan. Don’t know if they’re still selling them nor do I know how consistent each coating is but mine’s still working after half a year.
  • @Nama I would need to do some experiments but any force pulling the magnets apart would first have to overcome their attraction to each other before it would start to pull the epoxy sandwiched between them apart. Plus, I can’t imagine any stretching force powerful enough to do that inside a finger.
  • @Rytcd the youtber I mentioned did not adhere them like I’m proposing. She merely stuck them together while the magnetic force held them in place. The thing was, when one broke, she removed it without affecting the other. @delta12 The magnetic force between the two magnets in conjunction with the epoxy hopefully should be…
  • Are these modified SMM magnets with their respective additional coatings? The luminescent ones seem really cool.
  • I feel fortunate that my magnet hasn’t degraded (yet). Next implant I’ll do more thorough washing and testing
  • @Rytcd The bump from mine is almost gone. You should’ve hung in there a bit longer lol.
  • @ThermalWinter I’m not sure how many mm; but I would guess about 2 mm because it was subcutaneous tissue. It’s been a little over a month.
  • @ThermalWinter It was definitely subdermal. The length from the incision was probably 8 or 9 mm as I also feared my body pushing it out before it got a chance to heal. As of now, I’m finally gaining even more sensitivity as the nerves grow back. I’m glad I did as well since I pushed the magnet to the end of the pocket but…
  • @Rytcd My inflammation is finally starting to subside after a month. My procedure was pretty overly-harsh, however, I wanted to be sure that it was deep.
  • @dieselpwr my progress can be found on this post: As of recently, I finally finally feel the nerves starting to grow back because from my overly invasive proceedure. Sensitivity is starting to get better and better every day (I use the…
  • Nice. Brave for not using lidocaine. Did the magnet have any soot on it?
  • Vitamin B-complex theoretically helps promote nerve growth
  • Day 15-28: Most sensitivity is back but I I’m taking Vitamin B-complex to be safe. Like @Rytcd I had a problem with bulging and a pale spot which I think is merely scar tissue and my body trying to remove the soot from the magnet. I do not believe it’s a coating failure since others’ rejection seem to have discoloration…
  • @Rytcd I had a similar situation(wasn’t as long though.) I think it might be amplified by nerve damage but eventually it goes away and the nerves eventually grow back.
  • @nathanielryan I’m not trying to be mean, I’m simply warning that at your age, it’s not a great idea to implant and use a bunch of people on the internet as your sole source of information. However, as @Cassox mentioned, learning about biohacking is certainly welcomed and encouraged. For all we know, you might find a…
  • Great report! So far so good with my implant other than some minor scaring around the magnet in my finger. Not sure if it’ll ever go away. I didn’t realize I should’ve washed the magnet with soap(although I did soak it in isopropyl and cleaned with chlorhexidine) so the scar could be from the leftover soot you found in…
  • @nathanielryan Who is the vouch for? Your parents? Why are they going to trust a bunch of people on the internet. You need to show your own maturity through your actions rather than have other people say it for you.
  • @Cassox is right. Especially with a growing body and the lack of research on how an implant could affect the growth of nerves. The ability to source and purchase materials yourself along with knowing and implementing safety will show that you’re mature enough to implant; this is contrary to having the materials handed to…
  • @HalfHuman I haven’t coated any magnets yet but I’ll make a post as soon as I do
  • I have no signs of rejection yet except for the finger is still swolen with scar tissue. There’s no discoloration or obvious pain spots.
  • @SimplyTom I found my lidocaine on However, I think they’re out of stock. Luckily I think’s kit is still in stock. I was skeptical about using lidocaine at first for my implant but I’m glad I did.
  • @HalfHuman my finger’s almost back to how it was except for the lack of sensitivity which will hopefully return in the coming weeks @dieselpwr I chose the best looking magnet I could out of the bunch and so far it’s held up well. I’m sure if I did this with any of the other ones it would’ve been fine butI wanted to be sure.
  • Day 7-14: Skin almost completely healed. Surrounding scar tissue still a little swollen and too much pressure hurts. More sensitivity like feeling my AirPods through my pocket. Nerves at the end of the finger still haven’t fully grown back but every day I feel it getting better.