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  • "Abuse," "Recreation," "Medication," "Meditation," and "Experimentation" can all mean the same activity seen by a different observer. :p You cannot compensate for neurotransmitter deficiency with more of a psychoactive substance, however what you said about maintaining a healthy diet is spot on. Given DXM's short…
  • @Ezekiel: What dosage did you use and how often? Did you use any other compounds with it? Nootropics?
  • I'm saying it now, much of what has been said in this thread is misinformation or irrelevent. I will also say that what I am providing here is food for thought and that no pharmacological advice should be taken away from this. Under no circumstances should it be assumed that what is said here is endorsement for the use of…
  • Great! That's a really neat device. I second that you should try the glove form factor; it seems like that would produce a more natural interaction.
  • The IRC is updated and working better than ever now- connect at channel #biohack to join in. Also, visit that URL with your web browser for the web client if you don't have a client or don't want to install one.
  • About the IRC, the server hosts have been insanely unreliable so we're going through a lot of technical difficulties like services and domain resolution dropping. We're also using the downtown opportunity to change IRCD software. Things should be back to normal in a few weeks. For now you can use our backup domain…
  • @MrWizrd: Lidocaine is commonly added to creams (typically at around 4% from what I've seen) and sold as a topical numbing agent for waxing, cracked/irritated skin, and the like without a prescription. If goods like these are sold in your country then it isn't a restricted substance. That being said, injections are serious…
  • @MrWizrd: No, they haven't shown up yet. Only ordered them a few days ago, wouldn't be surprised if it took another week. I'll take pictures when they show up for size comparison. On another tangent, has anyone found a promising technique for local anesthesia? I've found a lidocaine 2% solution for sale at a generics…
  • I ordered some 1mm x 3mm nickel-coated neodymium disks from Amazon (Magnets and Magnets) and some 4 gauge piercing needles (PiercingPros). From your image, 6 or 8 gauge would have probably been a better choice. I'll see when they show up. Does the gold coating serve any purpose if you plan on coating them with another…