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  • "Abuse," "Recreation," "Medication," "Meditation," and "Experimentation" can all mean the same activity seen by a different observer. :p You cannot compensate for neurotransmitter deficiency with mo…
  • @Ezekiel: What dosage did you use and how often? Did you use any other compounds with it? Nootropics?
  • I'm saying it now, much of what has been said in this thread is misinformation or irrelevent. I will also say that what I am providing here is food for thought and that no pharmacological advice should be taken away from this. Under no circumstances…
  • Great! That's a really neat device. I second that you should try the glove form factor; it seems like that would produce a more natural interaction.
  • The IRC is updated and working better than ever now- connect at channel #biohack to join in. Also, visit that URL with your web browser for the web client if you don't have a client or don't want to install one.
  • About the IRC, the server hosts have been insanely unreliable so we're going through a lot of technical difficulties like services and domain resolution dropping. We're also using the downtown opportunity to change IRCD software. Things should be ba…
  • @MrWizrd: Lidocaine is commonly added to creams (typically at around 4% from what I've seen) and sold as a topical numbing agent for waxing, cracked/irritated skin, and the like without a prescription. If goods like these are sold in your country th…
  • @MrWizrd: No, they haven't shown up yet. Only ordered them a few days ago, wouldn't be surprised if it took another week. I'll take pictures when they show up for size comparison. On another tangent, has anyone found a promising technique for local…
  • I ordered some 1mm x 3mm nickel-coated neodymium disks from Amazon (Magnets and Magnets) and some 4 gauge piercing needles (PiercingPros). From your image, 6 or 8 gauge would have probably been a better choice. I'll see when they show up. Does the …